(free plans). Spies,Victory, SuperTrino. ( bytes) ( bytes) ( . What is F3P and F3P-AM? F3P is the indoor equivalent of F3A precision aerobatics (pattern) where a fixed wing aircraft flies through a set of prescribed. Oct 13, This link from has MANY f3p plans available and quite a lot of them have build thread with many people having tested the plane.

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Show Appreciation tofx5 has spent time working on this plan so you can have it now, you can always leave him an appreciation message.

Links for loads of PDF Plans

It has been downloaded times. Download and Upload from and to all Plans Categories.

Logged in members see more content and use all the features. Advertise Services like CNC cutting, moulding, kitting on own plans. It might also be interesting to use this forum to suggest or report on modifications to designs. Oct 11, Remember Me Forgot Password?

Plns series inspired funjet, I found this very cool and easy to build, so even if you have already placed other plants such I decided to publish this as well. Please don’t post plans if the original designer doesn’t want them distributed.


F3P plans – RC Groups

Upload a Plan Site Editors Link to this page: May 20, The picture is of the V2. Last edited by Just ShootMe; Oct 03, at Erik Johansson Registered User. You should add the german Liptonic V2 3fp V3 designs.

Each plan will contain the keywords you choose and the plans descriptions will not be searched. He has done so much stuff and wow the quality work! This site uses cookies.

I imagine most of us in the northern pans will be starting into the indoor flying season shortly. Images View all Images in thread. Help to edit plans. Link to this page: I used the 8″ blades in the ETOC as well.

I ask because all of the slots are 3. Originally Posted by rcpilot82 Thanks for the link. Remember Me Forgot Password? Hope this helps Seth.

I think I’m going to try to use 2 cells this year with 40C packs. I used a brushless with mah 3 cell lipos.

Oct 03, There’s some really intricate stuff in there, and free. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

They are the latest and most refined F3P designs that are available as free plans. Thanks for the link. A friend of mine is doing his Polaris. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Nov 13, You can share planss builds at our Forum under the Build Logs section. This plant is to be built with depron Most likely to be foamies as well This link from rcgroups.


I’ll continue adding links in post 1 and the corresponding photos in post 2. Contribute Find plans on the web and share them here, share the link to this page on forums, help us to edit plans listings Upload a Plan Please login first. Advertise Services like CNC cutting, moulding, kitting on own plans. palns

Links for loads of PDF Plans | FliteTest Forum

To p,ans a keyword just delete it from the search field, please remove it entirely or the search results will not be so good.

It contains mostly plans of jets but there is a hydro plane as well, and some freaky stuff like an Enterprise D: I’ve neglected this thread a little over the last few months.

If you have plans that are not here please upload them, so others can build r3p them.