Robert C. Pozen, one of the business world’s most successful—and productive— executives, Extreme Productivity is an essential handbook for every business. Required reading for professionals—and aspiring professionals—of all levels.”— Shirley Ann Jackson, President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute a. Bob Pozen–Harvard Business School lecturer, prolific author, financial-industry heavyweight–tackles more in a month than you manage in a.

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His book is for anyone feeling overwhelmed by an existing workload—facing myriad competing demands and multiple time-sensitive projects.

Summary of Chapter 7 1. There’s rarely a reason to stay at work beyond dinnertime. Exercise is rated as the 2nd most happiness inducing activity- right behind sex.

He’s written six robedt and hundreds of articles, raised a family with his wife of more than four dec A road-tested formula for improving your performance, from one of the business world’s most successful—and productive—executives. The first has caught on in the startup scene—meaning that you get most of your value from 20 percent of your work. Instead, look every hour or two, and when you do look, look fobert at subject matter and sender,” he said.

The same goes for traveling and meetings, these are more focused on how the corporate professional travels and attends meetings.

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

When figuring out your rankings, he suggests keeping in mind what you like and what your strengths are, the purpose behind each goal and how they fit into broader overall needs for you or your organization. Oct 02, Juliana rated it it was amazing Shelves: I priductivity myself skimming to get passed a lot of the 30, foot view positional ideas and looking for useful tactics.


Nothing really new here, but I’ve read a lot of these kinds of books. Hours are a traditional way of tracking employee productivity, said Pozen, but this is outdated. Extreme Productivity is a guide to boosting your productivity through time management and expert control over the scope and requirements of your work.

To calibrate daily activities to yearly goals, Pozen recommends a two-sided schedule. To level opzen your skills, you want to always be looking for on-the-job training, whether structured or not.

How to achieve extreme productivity

I agree with the thought rober the reason to be more productive is to enjoy a more rewarding life, and that focusing on results produced rather than hours worked is a better way. Outline before you write. Instead, do one to two days of research and formulate tentative conclusions. Summary of Chapter 1 1. A word of advice-climb down off the ceiling and have a joint. Quotes from Extreme Productiv Get home at a reasonable hour and have dinner with your family.

An amusing commercial shows someone having a bad day, and how that person’s mood affects each person down the line, with more bad moods. He’s not a bad guy for sure, and it’s not a bad book, A quick, easy read with practical advice. Apr 23, Kyle rated it liked it. Over the years I’ve cobbled my own system by setting my goals and priorities ala Covey’s First Things First, and a bit of the Pomodoro method thrown in, with a smaller focused “three things that have to be done today” todo list.

Bob Pozen, Master Of Extreme Productivity, Shares His 3 Most Effective

Jul 04, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: All workers should take a 30 minute nap following lunch; the author, Robert C A little disappointing. He is very practical and his productivity is so that he can accomplish more and do productviity effectively. There’s a single harsh reality to be reckoned with when it comes to the number of hours in a day, but countless strategies, tips and acronyms abound for getting the most out of each one.


Former President Barack Obama would travel with a few blue suits, Pozen said, so he wouldn’t be bogged down with fashion choices. An interesting strategy Pozen advocates for more involved and important projects is to begin with what you think will be your conclusions. Not only was it dry but I had no way to relate to it.

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours by Robert C. Pozen

The number of hours spent on any given project is irrelevant. Earliest records of three plant groups uncovered in the Permian of Jordan December 28, A “hidden cradle of plant evolution” has been uncovered in Jordan. Also, on email, he says to restrict yourself and only check your inbox every few hours, replying to all, but only, those that warrant an immediate response. This results-driven approach will do away with procrastination, break up big projects and clearly define your working hours.

This book is not very rogert at all. Pozen is a prince of productivity, a man who has worked smarter and faster than almost everyone around him for more than forty years. Check email on a set schedule.

Think about the New York Times Test. Then, needing to support his family, he became partner at a D.