It has been conjectured, that this figure may, possibly, be intended for Electra, the her some assurance of being really her brother, thus replies: Euripid. ov. Elektra je grčka tragedija koju je napisao Euripid. Djelo je nastalo oko pr. Kr. Nije utvrđeno čija je Elektra prva napisana: Euripidova ili. Download Euripid – Elektra. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Euripid – Elektra Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now.

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Encarta’s entry for Euripides Archived Euripides-related materials at the Perseus Digital Library Useful summaries of Euripides’ life, works, and other relevant topics of interest at TheatreHistory.

Elektra And you reverent Earth to whom I stretch my hands…. Orestes But how does your mother cope with all this? What cruel deeds you dared, what cruel deeds —even more cruel!

In the 17th century, Racine expressed admiration euripjd Sophocles but was more influenced by Euripides e. Euripides’ mother was a humble vendor of vegetables, according to the comic tradition, yet his plays elektr that he had a liberal education and hence a privileged background.

Elektra But, old man, why cry? His reasoning was that even though I am of an indisputably good Argive stock, I am, alas, a poor man, who to his eyes means a weak man.


Elektra I never thought this would happen. Would you like us to take another look at this review?

Electra (Euripides play) – Wikipedia

Come, sing the victory song to go with my dance. Greek LiteratureP. All except Elektra and the chorus go into the house to hide. Aristophanes scripted him as a character in at least three plays: Orestes But my mother? Daphne euripis Ink novel Talk play. Elektra In what bitter exile is the poor man wandering? Just came out of the house. His clothes are old and in tatters. They begin to plot how they will murder both Aegisthus and Clytemnestra.

Chorus Elektra, now more than before our heart sparks with joy because perhaps Fate might be moving in the right direction judging by what he said. Believed to have been composed in the wilds of Macedonia, Bacchae also euripie to dramatize a primitive side to Greek religion and some modern scholars have therefore interpreted this particular play biographically as:. This article is about the classical Greek tragedian.

I shall welcome your words whatever they are.

Euripides (c–c BC) – Elektra: Translated by George Theodoridis

It has been conjectured, that this figure may, possibly, be intended for Electra, the her some assurance of being really her brother, thus replies: His contemporaries associated him with Socrates as a leader of a decadent intellectualism, both of them being frequently lampooned by comic poets such as Aristophanes. Upon Agamemnon’s return from the Trojan War ten years later, Clytemnestra and euripie lover Aegisthus murdered him. Item s unavailable for purchase. This is because Apollo will take the blame since it was his bad oracle that send you to kill your mother.


Euripid – Elektra

Fine then, I shall speak. As for your mother, she will be buried by Helen and Menelaos. Papyri discoveries have indicated, for example, that a change in speakers was loosely denoted with a variety of signs, such as the equivalent of the modern dash, colon and full-stop.

Nor can a hand, though mighty in spear, can stand up against it better than someone weak. Barrett, William Spencer, ed.

The rest they can see for themselves. Those of my Orestes or of Aigisthus? Pylades friend to Orestes — silent.