ESky E Big Lama (G) Co-Axial Helicopter. White/Blue The Largest Co- Axial Helicopter by ESky – much larger than Lama V3! Instruction Manual. View and Download E sky Lama V3 manual online. Lama V3 Toy pdf manual download. This is the new Big Lama by Esky. concerned about the first readjustment to the RX Gyro Gain pot and Gain pot mentioned in the instructions.

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Uploader: Douzuru and Esky’s Big Lama Helicopter Review

On both of the coax helis recently reviewed, I see that the videos basically show up and down flight. CG or not CG I did the valcro spacer thing. As the price of helicopters comes down, the Big Lama is in my comfort range. This is big, but not really heavy as you might guess. Originally Posted by Balr14 The only advantage a coax has over a size single rotor heli is stability. AT least thats how it worked in my case.

E Sky Lama V3 Manual

Do you have an url which leads to such big coax machines? Originally Posted by rolex Thanks for the video and info – But you can’t buy this coaxial in a rc shop anywhere, this is what i am on about, so far the only maker so far is walkera that has made a excellent size coaxial that all can buy and enjoy! Now take a sharp knife and slide it without pressure, bottom to top, along the corner of the blade and the tape on both sides.


Overall the Big Lama is durable as heck. Top Searches rc tanks that shoot double horse parts double horse parts double horse heli parts remote control boats rc gas cars shuang ma helicopter volitation helicopter alloy shark parts double horse parts double horse parts.

I’ve checked tracking on the blades and seems fine. Mine also just suddenly starts a big lam when it’s done. With this done i had a ball flying this outstanding helicopter in the light sea winds in the west of Ireland. Apr 17, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Notify me of new comments via email.

Alzrc sport pro helicopter kits super combo biggest online shopping for aerial drones and helicopter hobbies. And maybe a little more when being During manual flight and improves overall handling during autonomous flight. Included in the kit is a charger capable of either AC or DC power so you can charge right at mqnual field.

Your site has helped a lot. Use the right two buttons to go to lets say N2.

I must say when there’s no breeze it is extraordinarily stable and easy to learn. Return to Coaxial Helicopters. Here is the link to the 2. Do glue two 1mm carbonsticks to the bottom right and left of the tail.

neasorrel – Esky big lama manual pdf

Converted from esky big lama helicopter model for competition the international aerial robotics competition. After you have the blades removed you will need to flex the body over the rotor head and remove it completely. After 10 tests in sea winds last weekwith adjustments made to the servo extent and ball linkages this helicopter was just outstanding in the sky, and did not fly like a barndoor, unlike the walkera skylift It is such a lovely piece of clone art.


Ek1he hunter honey bee esky helicopter 2. Cool heli Quad;Angela H is the editor,78Dave is the author. Now push with one finger down along the blade unrolling another two inches. Apr 15, I think I have it right now with the left 2 up and the right 2 down. Found this on Youtube: What I meant is that when you open a new channel for a new bird, new es,y etc, you have to bind the TX and RX.

Page discussion esky big lama ek1he mods upgrades coaxial helicopters product was added our catalog esky helicopters sab goblin helicopters esky big lama. It lxma slid through two rings and behind the rear ring there is a hook-and-loop tape sticker, that the battery slides against.

Bi fly beyond the hover very well too.