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Confiram a resenha de [email protected]!! Fresquinha lá no blog 😉 http:// html. Opinião Young-Adult: “[email protected]” de Therese Fowler. janeiro 03, Mafi 3 Comments. Neste livro temos um “Romeu e Julieta” do século XIX. A capa. Free Shipping. Buy O escândalo do petróleo e Georgismo e comunismo – eBook at

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Fowler writes [email protected] amazing novel, artfully describing the process of teenagers falling in love, sneaking around, their first sexual experience, how the pictures came to be, and how they are discovered. So I’m OK with Anthony considering that a solution at the time, but to have events play out so that his irrational act actually benefits the characters in exactly the way he wanted?

It seemed every page I turned something new cropped up and I was enthralled. Inspired by the experiences of the author’s own son, Exposure was thought provoking, beautifully written and, yes, gripping. We don’t get to see what happens; one of the characters tells [email protected] reader about it after it happens. Let’s move onto why since I have gushed enough and not backed it up, lirvo people generally read reviews to find out why the reviewer liked or did not like the book or in thi If I could only review this book in a few words it would read like this: G marked it as to-read Aug 02, Hardcoverpages.

It This book packs in a lot–several different versions of parental dilemmas, teenage love, lust, social media, cell phone cameras and texting, the law, and more.

Seemed like the author got tired of writing or something and just ended it in one fell swoop. In ExposureTherese Fowler has written her most gripping novel to date—a ripped-from-the-headlines story of ardent young love and a nightmarish legal maelstrom that threatens to destroy two families.

I was a little disturbed by the message my interpretation, not explicitly stated in the book that sexting was OK in this case because it was just between two kids who were in lurrrvve. This nail-biting story of families caught in a collision of teen romance, the age of instant disclosure, an over-zealous prosecutor, and the media, provides an incisive stay-awake-till-you-finish exploration of hot-button issues.

Grab your book club and get ready to sink your teeth into this one, ladies!


Near the end of the book, after Anthony and Amelia have violated the terms of their release on bond and thereby [email protected] Anthony’s mother’s house and jobAnthony oivro that his best option is to commit suicide, because by doing that and by having friends post a bunch of stuff on the Internet “proving” that he and Amelia were in love, the DA might let Amelia off the hook. Maybe I’m just dense but I still don’t see the point of going out in the cold and getting hypothermia!

Como se preparar de forma eficiente?


Fans of Jodi Picoult will embrace [email protected] completely. He also did not know that he was not supposed to talk about the case to anybody except his lawyer.

Caio Werneck marked it as to-read Jul 22, Amelia is an only child, whose parents – particularly her father – have her whole life p Young adult books are outside [email protected] normal reading genres, but this book came highly recommended by a friend.

Exposure by Therese Fowler is a story of young love gone terribly [email protected] It’s a book I truly didn’t want to put down! I know, I know that should be a warning to me, any book that looks like an interesting premise should be run my karen to make sure I’m not getting ultimately pulled into some kind of insane silliness.

It was one of those books where I read [email protected]@ndalo synopsis, thought it seemed to have a very nice plot idea and instantly bought it. The constant references to a certain play made the ending somewhat predictable, if not an exact replica. She, however, wants something else she want to study art, not business and she and Anthony have plans to move to New York City together after graduation and attend NYU. Anthony’s mother teaches at the private school that Amelia attends, making it possible for Anthony to also attend even though he [email protected] not afford to otherwise.

Anthony’s mother is also the perfect likeness of the supportive single mother working to make a better life for her son.

However, the downside of spreading around naked pictures of oneself is never even mentioned outside the legal ramifications. Lists with This Book. Therese Fowler wrote a wonderful book that really captures those strong adolescent feelings of love. Mar 03, Randy rated it it was amazing. An author praised it as “a twenty-first-century Romeo and Juliet” and it was definitely that.


Their relationship was an open secret in school–their friends know as well as Kim Winter, Anthony’s mother, who was a teacher at the school–but Amelia’s strict parents do not know.

This was picked for my Ladies Book Club and I really enjoyed this book. Open Preview See a Problem? I hope readers will embrace ligro as well.

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Or is it the media attention? Congratulations, Therese, for writing such a personal, enjoyable novel. View all 8 comments. Of course, the reader is never given any particular reason that DA is so out for blood in the first place other than a vague, “he’s hard line”.

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Sep [email protected], Patricia Williams rated it really liked it. How did that change all the minds that had been so rigid for the rest of the book? Amelia’s father is stereotypical the bad guy who doesn’t listen to what his daughter wants and institutes draconian discipline to keep her away from Anthony.

Jul 28, Kaethe marked it as stricken. It’s about broad definitions and narrow minds. In my day job I met a 19 year old boy who had not been to school for many, many months. Amelia is an only child, whose parents – particularly her father – have her whole life planned out for her.

Headlines rarely reveal the truth.

If you’re anything like me and don’t especially love dramas, you’ll probably want to finish it as fast as you can, and move on to another book. One that I think is important because it shows that all kids aren’t completely lust-driven when they do things like Amelia and Anthony do in the book. View all 3 comments. Miguel Vallejo marked it as to-read Jul 21, Young adult books are outside my normal reading genres, but this book came highly recommended by a friend.

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