Error humano / Human Error (Spanish Edition) [Chuck Palahniuk] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Resumen y sinópsis de Error humano de Chuck Palahniuk. El mundo de Chuck Palahniuk siempre ha sido diferente. Los relatos de no ficción que componen. Find Error Humano by Palahniuk, Chuck at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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Error Humano by Palahniuk, Chuck

But the Combine Harvester Demolition Derby – that’ll stay in my head for quite a long time to come. It is at its best when relating other people’s stories, worst when it Palahniuk recording his own palahnluk, which to me seemed as if he’s trying too hard, and personal stories, which are not generally strange but seem more the experiences of a person who doesn’t want to be well-adjusted, even when he’s verging on it.

So I was pretty stoked to see this collection of his non-fiction writing on the library shelf. Then, inChuck increased his involvement by committing to read palahhniuk review a selection of fan-written stories errof month. In these experiences, he illustrates people’s lives and their pretty crazy actions.

Most of the early stories seem very stripped down, stories about wrestling – where the facts of each bout are told very basically. We fight our way to independence from our fellow human beings by pursuing whatever interest we have, and then we palanhiuk there and find ourselves lonely, and must reacquaint with our fellow humans. Curiously, the after effect of this book was hopeful.


Organized into journalistic sketches, Palahniuk describes such things as: Generally, there is a mixed response to errkr books and subject matter, but I’ve always admired his minimalist style and the way he strolls through territory where other writers fear to tread. He talks to you like a normal person, not super loaded and elegant syntax-wise or with diction that’s just there to prove you know every four-syllable word in the dictionary.

He is funny, cohesive, and writes very well: There were other slight annoyances, like the mentioning of “Brad Pitt” a little too often throughout the book or Palahniuk occasionally passing judgement on people or topics that felt a bit unfair, particularly in the face of evidence that suggested his conclusions were wrong or weak.

This book was on my radar for years. BR Check in 4 19 24 Nov 30, A talent-fueled tale, followed by an even better one, tends to devalue the first.

It’s about the Palahnuik Creek Lodge Testicle Festival, and an all-out in-your-face collage of blowjobs, handjobs, and crude lewd public sex acts in a nudist campground setting. For example, the first story you encounter is called ‘Testy Festy’.

Self-help books just aren’t my usual cup-of-tea. However, his shock and awe tactics can get a bit transparent at times. I agree with him, this is the lense that he views everything through, and it palahniik getting annoying in his fiction literature.

Error Humano / Stranger Than Fiction

Juliette Lewis, Andrew Sulivan, etc. Tristes, desgarradoras, brutalmente honestas. I also loved the final one, which mostly pivoted around the murder of his father by some jealous lunatic ex-husband of a woman he had just started seeing.


Actually, many of the stories captured my interest. Ma i racconti non mi piacciono, e questi non sono nemmeno racconti. If you like to sense the writer’s hard lived experience in what you read, paahniuk will like this book.

Error humano

Sep 15, M. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The pieces that comprise Non-Fiction prove just how different, in ways both highly entertaining and deeply unsettling.

In a way, it’s a peace, an escape from sex. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever done so. Which I guess is what fiction writing is all about.

ERROR HUMANO – PALAHNIUK CHUCK – Sinopsis del libro, reseñas, criticas, opiniones – Quelibroleo

The Woman in the Window: Anyway, if I was truly enjoying the book, I would hunt down a new copy or buy the ebook. BR Check in 1 24 26 Palahnium 28, The rest of this collection of non-fiction shorts offers some incredible insight to Palahniuk’s considerably different, sometimes slightly demented, world. BR Humaano in 3 24 27 Nov 21, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This right here is why he’s my favorite author.