Ranging from Arabia to India and Southeast Asia, Engseng Ho explores the transcultural exchanges–in kinship and writing–that enabled Hadrami Yemeni. Engseng Ho is Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Duke University in the U.S. Currently he is the Muhammad Alagil Distinguished Visiting . Engseng Ho is an activist within the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and has co-authored a BDS resolution at the American.

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In terms of a strict divide, if you think of independence in Malaysia and Indonesia, the Dutch were kicked out as foreign occupiers. BDS activity is often aggressive and disruptive. If you’re racist, the world should know. It will be seen as one of those few foreign books about the Arab world which richly deserve the name of classic. Disciplines Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Asian. But I must say that what I liked in engineering was the systematic thought: These resolutions, although non-binding, have been passed by student governments on numerous North American engsehg.

Although they actually had a lot to do with each other historically, I wondered at what point were they partners and at what point did the partners fall out? I subsequently found another book with a similar genealogy from Lamu, East Africa, and one from Hadramawt as well.

Although many of these communities are thought of as patrilineal, in fact the matrilineal or matrilateral aspect is quite important. We had only bicycles, so we always tried to avoid the Alfa Romeos. That is simply ridiculous. What were the responses you received after publication?


This changed my idea of what law is about. It was just mind-opening and gave me a real sense of the con- textualisation of ideas. In the engseg colonial period these Asian countries became tied not to each other but to the colonial metropolis.

Did this inform your childhood and later intellectual journeys?

Interview With Engseng | Mahmood Kooria –

I wanted a way to compare and contrast their experiences with the Enbseng, the Dutch, the English, and the Portuguese in the region. It could be a small village in Kerala and a small village in Malaya. It was a shock to me that people wrote books about things that I knew and had been thinking about for a long time. Initially they felt that they were not climatically adjusted to the tropics.

They also intermarried with locals, thinking that their bodies would become acclimatised by intermixing with locals from the tropics.

I used to build little toys with electric motors. I was looking not just at the Hadrami diaspora, but also at the English as a diaspora. I see Indian Ocean Studies as an early model, which has successfully demonstrated over the past thirty years how deep and wide connections can be across two places that are actually quite far from each other.

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Big abstract concepts of social science or historical agendas are hard to hho. Hadrami Society, an Old Diaspora I. It was only in the nineteenth century that it became all racially oriented and more concerned with preserving their racial identity.


While studying the Chinese in Malay- sia, I was also looking at the Chinese across Southeast Asia as part of a larger diaspora. I am also thinking about how space and time can be coordinated but can also be disconnected.

Malaysia is one of the most highly policed states in the world, in terms of the number of policemen per capita. Someone called me to engsneg a small television in the library and I saw the planes crashing into the buildings.

But none of that happened. And to me that is not what it is about. This was an analysis which William Skinner had put forward in his writings. So what you have is a sort of matriliny emerging. In the mids, you moved to the US for your undergraduate studies at Stanford University. What are sngseng things you pay heed to while you write?

Engseng Ho

It is the sense of smell that I try to bring across in writing. They are these actual, his- torical, legitimate communities which involve men, women, fngseng, sometimes sultans, lawyers, and human rights activists. The Dutch also intermixed until roughly about These links to the Metropole still exist.

I was then lucky to take a one-year intensive course on Western civilisation, from the Greeks to the medieval Downloaded from https: