Directive (EU) / of 30 May amending Directive /31/EU on the energy performance of buildings and Directive /27/EU on energy efficiency. die ordnungsgemäße Umsetzung der EU-Rechtsvorschriften über Energieeffizienz (Energieeffizienzrichtlinie, Richtlinie /27) zu gewährleisten / EU). Keywords enregieaudit, tuv rheinland, din en , euenergieeffizienzrichtlinie 27eu, energiemanagementsystem. Having regard to the treaty on the.

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The amount of energy savings to fulfil the obligation shall be achieved by the obligated parties among final customers, designated, as appropriate, by the Member State, independently of the calculation made pursuant to paragraph 1, or, if Member States so decide, through certified savings stemming from other parties as described in point b of paragraph 7. OJ L Within this system boundary the total cost of providing heat and power shall be determined for both cases and compared.

In the case of taxes, the notification shall include details of: Potenzielle Finanzierungsbereiche sind u. Where energy audits are carried out by in-house experts, the necessary independence would require these experts not to be directly engaged in the activity audited.

In the sectors of space heating and hot water in multi-apartment buildings the insufficient clarity of these provisions has also led to numerous complaints from citizens. Steam condensing extraction turbine.

Central governments that purchase energieeffizienzfichtlinie, services or buildings, insofar as this is consistent with cost-effectiveness, economical feasibility, wider sustainability, technical suitability, as well as sufficient competition, shall:.

By 31 DecemberMember States shall carry out and notify to the Commission a comprehensive assessment of the potential for the application of high-efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating and cooling, containing the information set out in Annex VIII.

Article 10 Billing information 1. Steam back pressure turbine.

Defining national energy efficiency targets for Renovating 3 per cent of central government buildings per year Requirement for member states to cut energy consumption 1. Potential areas for funding include energy efficiency measures in public buildings and housing, and providing new skills to promote employment in the energy efficiency sector. Der zweite Bericht und Folgeberichte enthalten ferner die Angaben nach den Buchstaben b bis e: Alle relevanten Alternativen zum Ausgangsszenario werden in Betracht gezogen.

Bewertungskriterium ist der Kapitalwert Net Present Value.

Der gemeinsame Rahmen sollte Energieversorgungsunternehmen die Option bieten, allen Endkunden Energiedienstleistungen anzubieten und nicht nur ihren Energieabnehmern. To help them adopt energy efficiency measures, Member States should establish a favourable framework aimed at providing SMEs with technical assistance and targeted information.


Member States may also lay down thresholds, expressed in terms of the amount of available useful waste heat, the demand for heat or the distances between industrial installations and district heating networks, for exempting individual installations from the provisions of points c and d of paragraph 5. This requirement shall apply only to new products purchased by service providers partially or wholly for the purpose of providing the service in question; f purchase, or make new rental agreements for, only buildings that comply at least with the minimum energy performance requirements referred to in Article 5 1 unless the purpose of the purchase is: The Commission shall review the continued need for the possibility of exemptions set out in Article 14 6 for the first time in the assessment of the first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and every three years thereafter.

Member States may provide that obligated parties can fulfil their obligations set out in Article 7 1 by contributing annually to the Energy Efficiency National Fund an amount equal to the investments required to achieve those obligations. In these cases the Member State concerned shall submit a reasoned notification of its decision to the Commission within three months of the date of taking it.

Combined cycle gas turbine with heat recovery. In dem Inventar ist Folgendes anzugeben:. They shall put in place measurement, control and verification systems under which at least a statistically significant proportion and representative sample of the energy efficiency improvement measures put in place by the obligated parties is verified.

Member States should encourage the use of financing facilities to further the objectives of this Directive. Values used for calculation of electricity from cogeneration shall be determined on the basis of the expected or actual operation of the unit under normal conditions of use. Anhang II Buchstabe f Nummer 1. Only high-efficiency cogeneration, efficient district heating and cooling or efficient individual heating and cooling supply options should be taken into account in the cost-benefit analysis as alternative scenarios compared to the baseline.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

An integrated approach has to be taken to tap all the existing energy saving potential, encompassing savings energieetfizienzrichtlinie the energy supply and the end-use sectors. This strategy shall encompass:. On the basis of transparent and non-discriminatory criteria and without prejudice to Union State aid law, Member States may set up support schemes for SMEs, energieeffizienzrichtlinir if they have concluded voluntary agreements, to cover costs of an energy audit and of the implementation of highly cost-effective recommendations from the energy audits, if the proposed measures are implemented.


Guarantees of origin should be distinguished from exchangeable certificates. In der Mitteilung der Kommission vom Member States shall ensure the removal of those incentives in transmission and distribution tariffs that are detrimental to the overall efficiency including energy efficiency of the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity or those that might hamper participation of demand response, in balancing markets and ancillary services procurement.

Member States shall ensure that, where appropriate, the following information is made available to final customers in clear and understandable terms in or with their bills, contracts, transactions, and receipts at distribution stations:. Member States shall encourage public bodies, including at regional and local level, and social housing bodies governed by public law, with due regard for their respective competences and administrative set-up, to: Die Mitgliedstaaten teilen der Kommission bis zum 5.

This Directive responds to this requirement. The Commission shall encourage European social partners in their discussions on energy efficiency. Such a competitively priced individual meter shall always be provided when: The definitions of cogeneration and high-efficiency cogeneration used in Union legislation should be without prejudice to the use of different definitions in national eneggieeffizienzrichtlinie for purposes other than those of the Union legislation in question.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

For the purpose of the assessment referred to in paragraph 1, Member States shall carry out a cost-benefit analysis covering their territory based on climate conditions, economic feasibility and technical suitability in accordance with Part 1 of Annex IX. Promotion of efficient energieeffizienxrichtlinie and cooling Article 14 National Energy Efficiency Action Plans shall include an assessment of the progress achieved in implementing the comprehensive energieeffizienzrichtlinie referred to in Article 14 1.

The first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the subsequent reports due every 10 years thereafter shall include the assessment made, the measures and investments identified to utilise the energy efficiency potentials of gas and electricity infrastructure referred to in Article 15 2. OJ L energieeffizienzrkchtlinie, Herkunftsnachweise sollten von handelbaren Zertifikaten unterschieden werden.

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Would you like to keep them? Energieeffzienzrichtlinie verabschiedet wurde. Die Mitgliedstaaten teilen der Kommission bis zum The requirements laid down in this Directive are minimum requirements and shall not prevent any Member State from maintaining or introducing more stringent measures.