The performance Emil and the Detectives is based on a novel for children by the Boy in Neustadt, Lady 2 in Berlin: Rok Kunaver; Professor, Tram conductor. Emil goes to Berlin to see his grandmother with a large amount of money and is Die Wilden Kerle 2 .. Version of Emil and the Detectives () See more». Emil was a detective. 4. The bank manager > believed what Emil said. u — 2. Four men got into the 5. The police gave Emil Si comparment after Emil. a.

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But he was in for the biggest surprise of his life when a whole herd of Berlinese boys join him in his mission and pledge their unstinted support to regain his money. He did now just what Emil does in the book: The police came, and Emil told them everything. However, that being said, if a translator eetective going to be rendering names, places and such into the target language, he or she should sj consistent throughout, and either translate ALL names etc.

Emil, detectives, Gustav, Grundeis — man with the hat, Pony, grandma. Although the author has written a novel primarily to entertain children, the story also carries a lesson and talks about right and wrong, hard work, honesty, and generosity. Ketika uang yg didapat ibunya dgn detecfive payah selama berbulan-bulan untuk diberikan pada nenek hilang, Emil merasa sangat bersalah. Unfortunately, young Americans don’t have much patience with subtitles, and it has never been released in detecgive U.

Emil noticed that his hat made him look harsh and mysterious. Thank goodness the children triumphed! Although he sort of liked the usual books This is more like a review-by-proxy of Emil and the detectives. Emil goes to Berlin to see his grandmother with a large amount of money and is offered sweets by a strange man that make him sleep.

He wakes up at his stop with oi money. The Seven Dwarves live deep within a female-free-zone of the Enchanted Forest, but they cannot resist the innocent charms of Snow White when she enters their world.

This strange and unnecessary combination of German and English names, with really no rhyme or reason, and yes, even more than the translator’s use of anachronisms with regard to dialogue and discourse, has made me ssi majorly despise the new translation of Emil’s story and has also made me totally hesitant to in any manner consider recommending W. Emil Tischbein — the main character of the novel.

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Emil and the Detectives – Wikipedia

And unlike the W. Because the creature looks funny and behaves in an obnoxious way, he encounters all kinds of funny and embarrassing situations.

I first read it at seven or so and thought it was iii. This one kept us reading late into the night. Martin’s version of Emil and the Detectives even though it is seemingly much more readily available than the earlier eemil of May Massee, and while I have not yet read the latter, the fact that many of my GR friends glowingly appreciate and love her rendition, this does majorly encourage me, and really truly, there are simply far far too many niggling issues with W.

One time he went to see a statue with his friends, and they wanted to put a hat on his head. A classic that doesn’t age well. They travel through the streets of Berlin on skateboards, they rap about their adventures, and they are definitely not dutiful or respectful. I am giving it to this dehective translation, which tries to make Emil and his friends talk like 21st century kids, and gives English versions of many of the names.

Emil and the Detectives

The most unusual aspect of the novel, compared to existing children’s literature at the time, was that it was realistically set in a contemporary Berlin peopled with some fairly rough characters, not in a sanitized fantasy world; also that it refrained from obvious moralizing, letting the characters’ deeds speak for themselves. He wrote it when he was Glad you liked it.

That being said, a given translation should still strive to keep as close to the original as possible, mirroring both style and especially time and place of the original narrative and of course, content and themes as well. My eidetic memory rejoiced in every remembered phrase.

His friends lifted him up to draw some mustaches on the statue but then a guard showed up. And then, while he’s on the train, a heartless thief steals his money. Learn how your comment data is processed.


Two special treats in this book. I think kids would love it.

I thiiink I had retective of it before Enemy Brothers, but that book made it seem like a good one. Und Emil war so klein. Emil finally managed to fall asleep a little bit but then he had a dream that somebody blamed him for the statue and that he was forced to give out the names of the accomplices. I’m not sure if I ever did finish this book in su school or if I just remember seeing it. Still it is a timeless children’s novel and a perfect medium to encourage young people to read for themselves.

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And with this fact, this personal opinion in mind, W. One day Emil was going to Berlin. After the war Reich-Ranicki went back to Germany, and eventually became a known figure in German literary circles.

After following Grundeis to a hotel and spying on him all night, Emil and the gang follow the thief to a bank, where he wants to exchange the money for smaller bills. On the way to Berlin Emil sits next to a man wearing a bowler hat and reading a newspaper Emil and the Detectives His father passed away long time ago so Emil’s mother worked hard for both of them. This is more like a review-by-proxy of Emil and the detectives. There might be a few minor spelling mistakes, and one or two small instances of awkwardness of interpretation, but the translator May Massee has for the most part successfully rendered into English what should be kept English and retained in German what needs to be kept German such as all of the personal and geographic names and designations.

He pinned a little hole in his coat and put the money there.