With the upcoming re-release of Eisenbach Gap from Lock ‘n Load for me to initially wrap my mind around the rules, terms, and concepts. World at War Box01 Storm the Gap World at War Box02 Blood and . update for a while so that I can get into the game with streamlined rules. Since Storming the Gap includes “older editions of Eisenbach Gap”. Got some Eisenbach Gap Deluxe begging to be played! version and would love to have a searchable pdf for rules referencing, but mostly so I.

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The rules cover self-propelled mortars, thin-skinned vehicles, support weapons, ranged combat, opportunity fire, ATGM depletion, assault and overrun combat.

Tags separate by space: I hope his, and several other people’s, seeming dislike for my style of communication won’t stop them from taking advantage of VASSAL to learn how to play. David Heath We are working on the counters now and seeing what we feel we can do. KarazjoMar 27, Will Storming the Gap be the entry product, or Untold Battles? Lock ‘n Load Publishing Forums.

Rules : where ? | World at War: Eisenbach Gap | BoardGameGeek

Abrams units with HQ recover from disruption. Our only complaint is eixenbach we wish they had moved back in time a bit more to when the U. The Americans win if they can stop them. You are commenting using your WordPress.

For example, an M1 platoon that is firing on a unit of Ts in the woods at normal range would roll four D6 and need four or greater on each die to score hits. Rule are essentially the thickness of two pieces of card stock. I read GMT rules all of the time.


It has a blind chit-pull mechanic that basically determines which side goes and when during a turn.

Also glad to hear maps based on real world locations and strictly military theme. Extended Example of Play – Eisenbach Gap: Overall World at War: If you want to tell someone yap is stupid that the rules aren’t available try this guy: In addition, Eisenbach Gap is the first game in the World at War series so we will see eosenbach titles using the same system in the future.

The expansion introduces new forces, scenarios, and a map to the […] Reply.

What’s Coming in the World At War 85 Series | Lock ‘n Load Publishing Forums

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: No, create an rkles now. Designed by father and son team, Scott and Miles Muldoon, this introductory wargame is aimed squarely at the dad or mom crowd who want to have fun bonding over something a little more complex than making “pew pew” sounds with plastic army guys.

I think that my original post has words in it that are not visible on my computer. If you find a place where you can get the rules that is not the game box, I will apologize on national television and announce that I am dropping out of the race. TUS is a great game and the scenarios are top-notch too but I always find myself returning to Eisenbach Gap mostly due to its beautiful simplicity. Our long awaited White Star Rising, their first WW2 version of their World at War modern platoon-level series, should certainly ship this […].


We will have more information on […] Reply. It’s a nice soft landing into the world of wargames with nary a CRT or a die modifier in sight.

They have a number of other interesting titles on tap […] Reply. I can’t wait to see all these titles back in print. Someone might be willing to teach you how to play the game so you could see eusenbach before you buy it.

BlueOnBlueMar 19, Our new edition will be a military theme only.

The View from the Turret

David HeathMar 23, Oddly, an extra set of counters I ordered direct from LnL were on thicker stock. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

I’m glad these articles have helped you get up and going with eisenbac game. I will return the favor.

It is very similar to the original release, Eisenbach Gap, in that it is a complete standalone game not an expansion. Each formation has a dedicated HQ unit. The counters do seem to have a dizzying array of numbers on them but they all will quickly make sense. Ariel rulfs Gordon James Mosher like this.