), the first issue of Bulgarski bukvar by Kaliandzh ( Odessa, ) Bukvar / sŭstaven ot P. K. i S. T. Bobrikov, Georgiĭ Ivanovich, b. uPKBEHO-CnOBEHCKT4 ‘ EiSZI(E}AP & { 3A III PA3PEA ocHoBHr4X HAPOAHHX IIIKOJIA CPE,\ilCKI4 KAP,IOBI-(I4 1 l’i3fl AtbE CPnCXE. EDUKA – IV Citanka · EDUKA – IV Citanka | SRPSKI – KNJIŽEVNOST | From – July 4, AM . 01 – Bukvar – Kreativni Centar.

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It uses different teaching methods, means, and forms of work. He is a participant of several international conferences CERN, Austria and a large number in our country regarding the improvement of subject didactics. Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. He enriched his curriculum vitae with challenges and innovations in education. Lucija Tasic is a teacher and pedagogical advisor at the elementary school “Dragoljub Ilic” Dracic Valjevo.

He encourages students in activism and initiative, and volunteering as well. It eduak always available and ready to help and make an extra effort. Today, the sports section of the Zemun gymnasium has grown into a sports association “Maturanti marathon” with art, Facebook page, Youtube channel whose mission is to spread the ideology of a healthy and active way of life.

You can decide to make it visible only to you edkka to a restricted audience. Always cozy and kind, professional and dedicated to work bukar in achieving excellent results with children who need additional help and support. He teaches with a edula of enthusiasm and will, and conveys the laws of physics and nature through innovative procedures. It can motivate and organize students, so children are happy to go to edukaa classes.

He is the author of a number of professional papers published in the proceedings of the seminar on teaching physics. She makes effort in participating in a lot of activities. He is a member of the author’s team of the Creative Center for the Preparation of Textbooks, the author of several manuals and a collection of tasks.

It organizes edyka students in the section “Creative childhood” conducted by UG Kreativa is the founder and vice-president, and in the framework of which he selects students who are talented for certain disciplines: She likes children and the work with children.


She chose thematic planning because of the effects of work and results being achieved by this teaching.

Broadcast of the chess tournament

Sve vannastavne aktivnosti mogu se pogledati na sajtu ovde. TV, DVD, video bim, library, billboards, puppet show houses It encourages the individual development and creativity of each individual. Her students, and their parents, respect for the best, not only teachers but also directors, artists, set designers, costume designers and everything for an event or a competition.

In the first year of existence, the graduates of this school participated in the Bukcar Marathon, in order to later join other schools. He is the author of seminars and integration, correlation, occupation – integrative teaching, which came from experiential work in the classroom.

Her works are based on the knowledge of “Creative Eeduka, “Digital Time” and “Learned at the seminar applied in practice”.

She is a great lover in her job. U toku svoje karijere, izveo je i niz smelih poduhvata: From this family tragedy emerges a series of elegiac poems published under the title Faded Roses.


The initiator is the launcher and one of the organizers of the collection of the bbukvar successful student literary works “Our Little Creators” and collections of student lapses and “School Pearls”.

She thinks that well-organized and prepared classes are the biggest motive for students and educational workers. He is the author of numerous professional papers and articles published in the educational journal “Educational Technology” and “Educational Review”. She is the winner of a large number of awards in the competitions for teachers and the winner of the acknowledgement for the mentoring of students who have bikvar a large number of valuable awards.

DKC Majdan Audio bajke. Besides this, she sometimes records short films, which she publishes on her Youtube channel where there are about 40 films. Pesme za decu Desanke Maksimovic: Changes happen in her work every day.

After she had gotten the licence for a pedagogical counsellor bukbar years ago, she got even stronger will for work. How to curate as a team? Ima izuzetne ideje koje doprinose promociji nauke. It is also specific eeuka of the enormous opportunities it provides to its students through a large number of different extracurricular activities and competitions involving all interested students.


He has organized the meetings with experts and parents who were promoting their vocation.

She is already leading a traditional school of science for children of the younger age of the town of Sabac, where he promotes experiments that are often confusing in children and their parents, encouraging both creativity and critical thinking among children. Develops a positive competitive spirit among children and teaches them to help each other.

She is the author of the blog, FB page and the group for parents. German translations of poetry from Goethe “Herman and Dorothea,” “Iphigenia in Tavrida” and he successfully mimics Hajne’s love lyric and epigrammatic poetry and the oriental poetry of Friedrich Bodenstedt “Songs of Mirca Shafije”. Also, students encourage creative expression, critical and logical thinking.

In the first years, students were running a half-marathon, while in they face the greatest challenge-marathon. The organizer is exhibitions and exhibitions at the school, a lecturer for parents and colleagues on the topics given within the priority areas of professional development of relevance for the development of education and upbringing.

Students tell her that she is a positive and cheerful person, “constantly on the move and action, conceives new things and continually activates us in various competitions and in various competitions. Snohvatice Dreamcatchers and Devesilje. Through their blogs, Gordana’s blog and Tolerance help students learn more and more easily master the material.

Research and publish the best content. Gordana radoznala, via site Slideshare. In he obtained the vocation of the pedagogical counsellor.

Author and performer 3 accredited seminars Methodological approach to reading literature in younger grades of primary school, Methodological approach to grammar reading in younger primary school, Integrative teaching in ambient classrooms.