Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. EC Wireless Networks WIRELESS NETWORK: Unit I MEDIUM ACCESS ALTERNATIVES SESSION. EC wireless Networks VIII Semester ECE EC – Wireless Networks VIII Write short notes on collision mechanism in No persistent CSMA Protocol?. ECWIRELESS NETWORKS. is unique about voice voice oriented wireless network? write short notes on i> SMS in GSM ii>RAKE receiver.

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Explain the principle, frame structures and working of TDMA system. List the two types of schemes available to allocate a single broadcast channel among competing nodes.

Explain the different types of wireless sensor networks in detail. List the services of security it can be classified. Mention the key features of IS 95 systems. List the five major challenges for implementation of Wireless LANs that existed from the beginning of this industry.

Describe the netqorks handoff mechanism.

Why does an AP in wireless network act as a bridge? The packet length is large in LANs.

EC Wireless Network – Question bank | Devasena A. –

Explain the need for demand based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks. The major protocols include Networrks What are the characteristics of DSSS? Find out the remedies to the challenges and issues and discuss in detail about it. Help Center Find new research papers ec20433 Explain the three different functions that are used for the operational differences for MAC layer.


Access point captures from the packet terminal 1. Explain in detail about the IEEE Write the expansion for Wimax and features of the system.

Explain in detail about Bluetooth architecture 8. Consider the following information for network design: ALOHA-based wireless random access technique. Thus QOS is known as wire line quality.

So it is combined with TDMA system.

Wireless Networks Notes ECE 8th Semester Notes

Here you will get notes for all units. What is the data rate of Bluetooth? Explain in detail the performance of fixed networka access methods with traffic engineering and delay estimation methods. EC Wireless Networks List the two major states in the operation of Bluetooth.

ECWireless Networks-Lecture notes for unit 1-edition

Consistent with other security mechanisms Wjreless by A. Every time the MS has to communicate with a BS, it must correctly identify itself. Your email address will not be published.

Determine the transfer time of a 20 kB file with a mobile data network with the transmission rate of 10 Kbps. These resources are used for data services which does not require severe delay. What is meant by wireless ATM? In ratio channels, collision of two packets may not destroy both packets.


Explain the architecture of IEEE Learn how your comment data is processed.


The switch bridges the new path with the old path and informs the MS netaorks transfer from the old channel to the new channel. Handoff can be classified into two different types: A MANET mobile ad hoc networks consists of a number of mobile devices that come together to form a network as needed, without any support from any existing Internet infrastructure or any other kind of fixed stations.

Explain in detail about IEEE What are the design consideration requirements for TDMA?

Give the classifications of Handoff.