Power. Rating, 8kVA, 10 kVA, 12 kVA, 15 kVA at power factor. Topology, True double-conversion online UPS. Electrical Input. Nominal input voltage, V. Eaton UPS Technical Specs. Stand-alone UPS with 1-phase input / 1- phase output. Stand-alone UPS with 3-phase input / 1-phase output. External battery. Eaton and (10/15 kVA) Internal Battery Instructions. English (US). Jul- Powerware UPS Seismic Kit Installation Instructions. English (US).

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Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. For the marine unit please click here. For the marine unit please click here Product Snapshot Power Rating: Eaton PredictPulse remote monitoring service.

Eaton – Features Powereare a complete solution in a sleek tower design that includes internal batteries and an integrated power distribution module Offers industry-leading power density with small footprint and more power capacity than comparable UPSs Provides more real power in less space with high 0.

Intelligent Power Protector’s versatile user interface shows you powreware information about connected servers and UPSs through USB and serial or network communication. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager brings managing a wide range of power and environmental devices under control through a single, Web-based interface.

Contact powwerware about this product. As part of Eaton’s power network management system, these two applications work together to deliver comprehensive power management and protection.

Please enable javascript to ensure the best experince. Delivers a complete solution in a sleek tower design that includes internal batteries and an integrated power distribution module Offers industry-leading power density with small footprint and more power capacity than comparable UPSs Provides more real power in less space with high 0.


Scalable architecture meets current and future load requirements. Together with your UPS, they provide end-to-end power management for maximum uptime and data integrity.

Intelligent Power Manager supervisory software lets you monitor and manage multiple power and environmental devices across the network from a single interface, giving you up-to-the-minute information on the status of power in your network.

Questions before you buy Email link above or call us Toll free: The can be equipped with an integrated, customizable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch. The UPS is equipped with a variety of standard communications features for network connectivity and remote management applications, including:.

The Eaton UPS formerly Powerware UPS provides premium online backup power and scalable battery runtimes for IT and electrical engineering infrastructure in corporate, healthcare, banking and industrial applications. This innovative design offers high efficiency 90 percent or better across all load rangeslow input current distortion less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion, with an active IGBT rectifier aeton delivers 0.

Eaton 9155 UPS

The software powrrware a clear, easy-to-use, multilingual interface available on any PC with a Web browser. Proactive monitoring enables technical experts to respond immediately to more than 40 alarm conditions and, in many cases, resolve issues remotely with minimal or no downtime. Eaton UPS two-year limited warranty. There’s no dependence on communications wiring among these modules, enhancing reliability and simplifying installation. The standard factory powwrware covers: Eaton has approximately 96, employees and sells products to customers in more than countries.

View more photos View success stories View Spiceworks reviews. How to buy Locate a channel partner Questions before you buy.


Eaton 9155 UPS Technical Specs

Customizable three-phase UPS services packages allow customers to select plwerware plan that provides the right combination of system uptime, convenience and value. The delivers premium levels of efficiency, reliability and flexibility, all in a sleek tower half the size of most other units on the market today.

Supports Powerware Hot Sync paralleling of multiple modules for redundancy or extra capacity, ensuring that critical systems are always protected. Packing maximum battery runtime into a very powegware footprint, the UPS powwerware a complete power protection solution. Provides more real wattage in less space with a. Powerware UPS seismic kit installation instructions. Intelligent Power Software Suite: You have javascript disabled. Let’s talk big ideas View all social media. Eaton’s TAA compliant products.

Our patented load-sharing control intelligently distributes the workload among modules without requiring direct communications links among them.

Powerware UPS Technical Specs

Warranty and service plans Eaton’s UPS warranty and service options provide the system uptime, convenience and value that is right for you and your business. For support beyond the warranty period, Eaton offers enhanced service options including onsite startup, corrective and preventive maintenance, battery solutions, training, remote monitoring and factory spare parts and upgrades.

Proven warranty and support services Customers consistently rank Eaton services number one in quality. The single-phase Uninterruptible Power System UPS delivers a combination of advanced technology, userfriendly design and low price that’s absolutely unmatched by competing products.