DQT Handbook – Arabic – RTA . Driver qualification handbook – CHINESE version (Full) – RTA Road Users Handbook – English – RTA – NSW Government. DQT Handbook – Vietnamese – RTA. READ . Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy Vietnam Handbook (Footprint Travel Guide) (Footprint Handbook). View More. dqt – handbook to teach nsw drivers safe road skills and to pass the driver qualification test. Road Users’ Handbook • Hazard perception handbook.

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I had a question about the SSS hajdbook scales and the answer was “leave their belt off” For part 2 I found it quite easy. I just passed my test on first go.

PART 1 – 15 Questions This blog really really helped me in the right direction. Most simple and helpful post!

The Silent Speculator: Driver Qualification Test (DQT) NSW Questions / Tips NSW

Blackstock 26 October at Blackstock 27 October at Unknown handbooj May at A quick answer would be Awesome! I shall let you know hopefully i can get in on Saturday but i will definitely be doing it Monday so when i pass yes pass im picking everyone up and were all going on a roadtrip.

Q1 I had a warning label for prescription meds and it read “Do not use in combination with other drugs unless safely directed bt your doctor” and the options were like A Drive when its safe B Don’t drive C Ask your doctor D Ignore the label. Just pretend you’re a driver and just think where you would slow down, brake in real handbolk Or are they animations?


Correct response is to not touch the screen. Anonymous 5 May at This is due to the recent rule change where new Green Ps have a longer waiting period but no test NSW. I got one question wrong but it was the second part that got me with the tapping.

What percentage of fatigue related crashes happen on hanfbook roads? This blog helped me a lot and so I would like to share some tips from my own experience: Thank you for the nice article here. What is covering the brake? Okay was thinking they would penalise you if you touched it when you didn’t have to, that’s all I needed to know thanks so much. Call me Al 15 February at I came across this question on the SA question bank.

G 18 September at The cars brake lights were on immediately after this, but I did not touch for a third time – I was unsure if I should have but the RMS lady said I made zero mistakes in jandbook entire test, so perhaps the “indicator” and “braking” were jandbook as once hazard since they were almost instantaneous anyway.

Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Test) Questions Online for FREE

Thanks a lot for putting this together. Full Fledged at Last 22 March at For example this scenario: With the second touch, you have to touch right after the final white car passes, as the clip ends within seconds after this.

For section 1 I cannot offer any advice EXCEPT be careful not to completely rely on old questions, there are some new questions Not statistical fortunately but they can make the difference between a pass and a fail on the section that you really should pass.


Oh and that’s hanvbook. This one was crazy. It narrows your field of vision.

High Alcohol hours are: There was a massive gap after the 3rd wave of cars I believe and then again after the 4th. I also got the scenario with the crazy hazards, pretty sure I touched my screen 3 or 4 times. What makes you a safer driver, and the answer is something like: Which may affect ability: Thanks to this post it’s really made me feel better in the sense if now hwndbook know what to do and i fqt go in there confident and determined to rock the house What percentage of accidents happen in high alcohol hours?

Do not overtake in both these videos. I can’t specifically remember what questions I got but there were hardly any statistics questions. I’ve also read from other sites to never turn when its raining, is this true? The question is “What percentage of accidents happen in high alcohol hours?

Unknown 29 December at This is the final hoop – don’t feel too bad even if you fail, it’s all about keeping your nerves and imagining that YOU are actually driving, so how and when would you respond. Thank you for sharing in this blog. Ah that sucks, think they might have changed the questions or maybe there’s a really big pool of questions to choose from so thats handboik