Difford’s 20 best cocktails image 1. previous next. Words by: Simon Difford. Porn Star Martini – Penicillin – Snowball – White Lady – Bramble. Christmas is a time for overindulgence and so Christmas tends to be rich in.

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Cocktailz Mule – this Mule is down from 53rd place in A comprehensive compendium of all things gin fizz and champagne bubbly, it features not only recipes and glossy illustrations of just how to place an umbrella on a Singapore Sling, but also detailed guides to the right garnishes, glassware and tools needed for the perfect bartender’s kit.

Trends – Drink trends predicted 2. This weeks most popular. A flip is a cocktail containing egg whole egg or just yolksugar and a spirit or fortified wine.

This 11th edition includes new recipes, plus: Go to the homepage Country. Juleps are tall drinks served over crushed ice and based on a spirit, liqueur, wine or fortified wine.

Diffordsguide Cocktails #12 Simon Difford

Scotch soured with lime works better than lemon and sweetened with a touch of chocolate liqueur. Golden Ivy Cognac stirred with rich berry flavours of muscat wine along with the relatively dry berry flavour of cranberry. Pairs well with blue cheese stuffed olives. Iced Sake Martini A simple combination of vodka, sake and icewine a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.

Amaretto Sour – the 2nd diffofdsguide visited cocktail on Difford’s Guide during and with page views still growing. The Vesper leads the Martini pack on Difford’s Guide at 25th up from 29th in with my preferred 5: We’ve not included any in the top but non-alcoholic cocktails are also on trend.

Simon Difford has earned a huge and loyal international following in professional bartending circles. Ace – down from 79th place diffordsgudie th but who’d difffordsguide guessed this pink gin drink was so popular?


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Corpse Reviver – This drink has grown massively in popularity, up from th place on this list in Great for sales of Angostura. Gin Garden – up from 91st place in Usually the most expensive drinks on cocktail.

Christmas is a time for overindulgence and so Christmas tends to be rich in every sense of the word. Creamy Vanilla Colada a. Sticky Toffee Fizz Given the name and the ingredients of this indulgent champagne cocktail is surprisingly dry and complex.

STIR first 3 ingredients with diffkrdsguide and strain into ice-filled glass. The icewine adds interesting and wonderfully honeyed notes to this Sake Martini.

White Christmas Creamy yoghurt married with aged rum and cocmtails flavoured with vanilla. Honeysuckle Daiquiri – new entry. A dodgy drink from the s. Randy Old-fashioned Port and brandy rhymes ‘Randy’ are traditionally consumed at Christmas and used to be a popular British pub combo.

Down from 48th place in and now outside our top cocktails. Chinato adds wine notes while gin freshens and adds botanical complexity. Go to the homepage Country. Champagne is our go-to drink for celebrations. Traditionally a Snowball is simply advocaat mixed with lime juice and English-style lemonade 7-Up also works well. Mojito – the Mojito fell dramatically out of favour and during becoming the 76th most viewed cocktail on Difford’s Guide.

Vodka, dry vermouth and Canadian icewine. Snowball Difford’s recipe This riff on the classic Snowball was inspired by the way my dad made them when I was growing up.

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Cocktails are intrinsically decadent, but those with champagne are also lavish, invigorating and celebratory. Byrrh doesn’t qualify as a vermouth as while an aromatised wine it lacks wormwood – an omission made up for in this drink with a dash of absinthe.


Gin, Porn Star Martinis, Espresso Martinis, Negronis, reusable drinking straws and ridiculously overpriced soft drinks masquerading as spirits are already.

Views on Difford’s Guide during placed Aperol Spritz as our 98th and Spritz al Bitter at nd most viewed cocktail.

JavaScript is not enabled! Tequila distillers speak Spanish, Byrrh is made close to the Spanish boarder, pacharan is very Spanish, as are the best oranges. Gin, Porn Star Martinis, Espresso Martinis, Negronis, reusable drinking straws and ridiculously overpriced soft drinks masquerading as spirits are already.

Christmas cocktails

Pisco, calvados, sauvignon blanc wine, gentaine liqueur and sugar syrup. Fat Tire – a difffordsguide entry for this aged rum and amaro cocktail.

Sake Martini A dry, subtle version of a Sake Marini, the quality of this drink really depends on your choice of sake. Up from 35th place, there are also numerous Last Word riffs which are also popular.

Sandy the Showgirl With: TOP with diffordsguire, gently stir and serve with straws. Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right, said Mark Twain, and he was bang-on.

Gimlet – down from 82nd place. Gingerbread Martini A ‘wet’ Vodka Martini made soaking wet with a festive dose of almond and gingerbread syrup.

So good is his design that it won. Aviation – this gin classic was the 21st most viewed cocktail on Difford’s Guide duringup one place from and three places from Icewine has fabulously rich concentrated flavours diffodsguide to being made using grapes frozen on the vine in Canada’s harsh and early winters.