Círculu d’unión entri tolos sitius web ena redi escritus o que palrin sobri las nuessas linguas. diccionario castuo cillerano diccionario cillerano se habla el castuo. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR ahechar: a#echal IZIONARIU CASTILLANU- ESTREMEÑU ahincamiento: ficancia. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTREMEÑU cogujada: arvela; covujá, coguta; churubía cohete: cueti.

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Amsterdam,Svo, p.

A Glossary of Tupi Words, pp. New York, Bartlett and Welford,8vo, pp. Paris, Bertrand,3 vols. On tlie Red River, near Xatcliitoehes. Mdilrid, Imiirenta de la Adniinistraeitui del real.

Comparative philology has begun to be esttiblished upon solid scicntitie foundations ; and the recent endeavours to estal lisli finally a miiform system of linguistic orthography will, uhen generally received, give a new and important impetus to that study, which must lead to most interesting results.

Philadelphia,4to, pp. IIervas, Vocabulario Poliglotto, pp.


Edwakds, ObsiTvations on the Lungiia!. Diimmler,4to, pp. Satsikaa, or BLackfect proper. Indians of Sonora, between the llio Gila and the Onlf of Cali- fornia.

MORGAÑO – Definition and synonyms of morgaño in the Spanish dictionary

Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre reproduit en un seul clichA. Sioux Spelling-book, designed for the Use of Native Learners. Milano,2 dixcionario.

Indians of Upper California, near the Mission St. Archooologia Americana from Wriglit’s Spelling-hookand: Had it not been a labour of love like his, it would not dicciohario been attempted.

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Ismael Carmona Garcia

Albany, Pease and Co. TehouUtehi Ameri- cans of Balbi. Babtlett, the United States Boundary Commissioner. Half the time the natives will giro one the name of their ehief or captain. They arc also called Ilietans, Jctans, and Paducas. Arte de la Lengua Caliita. It is repnnted witli a few additions, pp. Uaiixlett, tho United States’ Boundary Coinmissioaer. Reisestadien und Skizzcn aus dcr Jaiircu, von Db.


I’psaroka and Mandan Words compared no atTmity: We possess no information about a Creole language of Cuba — the words given in the Glossary below mentioned lending no countenance to the acceptation of a special Cuban-Creole tongne. Select the Set baseline option, save the plan for the entire project or selected tasks, click OK. Accordinjif to Hervas, three languages were spoken ] y the Indians of the Mexiean State of Cinaloa — the Tubar, the Zoc, and the Iliaqiii, which latter Avas the principal one.

Vocabulary of ninety-eight wordspp. Reprinted, yew York,Svo ; and Paris, Levrault, ,2 vols.