Research support topics for your Dell cn Color Laser Printer. Find tutorials, how-to knowledge base articles and topics, videos, Manuals & documents. View and Download Dell CN service manual online. CN Printer pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Dell cn – Color Laser Printer. We have 3 Dell cn – Color Laser Printer manuals available for free PDF download: Service.

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Dell Printer CN User Guide |

About this manual This manual is a standard service manual of Dell Inc. Marks giving caution Maintenance operations requiring special cautions or additional information to descriptions of this manual are presented as “Warning”, “Caution”, or “Note”, according to their nature.

Safety To prevent possible accidents during maintenance operation, you should observe strictly the “Warning” and “Caution” information in this manual. Dangerous operations and operations out of range of this manual should be absolutely avoided.

Generally various processes not covered by this manual may be required in actual operation, which should be performed carefully always giving attention to safety. Drive them manually when required. Never touch the gears or other driving units while the printer is running. Unpacking the Printer The printer must be carried horizontally with two or more persons. Extreme care must be taken to avoid personal injuries.

Check the printer visually for evidence of any damage. Peel all tapes off the printer. Remove protection parts 2 pieces from the paper tray. Installing the Toner Cartridge Install or replace the toner cartridge while the printer is on if the power is not on, the cartridge carrier will not rotate. After confirming the “Insert Black Toner K ” message, open the front door. Hold the tape on the protective cover and pull it forward to remove the cover from each car- tridge slot.

Lift the tab up 90 degrees and pull the toner seal straight off, keeping it parallel with the toner cartridge. To insert the toner cartridges, align the arrows on the cartridge with the corresponding arrows on the printer.

Guide the deol in until it snaps into place and then push down the handhold to lock the cartridge in place. The toner cartridge carrier rotates to the next empty slot. When the color of the newly inserted cartridge appears on the display, followed by the Insert message, insert the next toner cartridge.

Repeat steps 1 through 7 when maunal the remaining cartridges. Installing the Drum Depl 1. When the Insert Drum Cartridge message appears, open the front door, deell lift and push back the top cover. Remove the protective sheet from the drum cartridge. To insert the drum cartridge, push up the lever on maunal right side of the printer. With the lever in the upright position, hold the drum cartridge by the handle, align the arrows on the drum cartridge with the corresponding arrows on the printer and guide the cartridge in until it snaps into place.


Pull down the lever on the right to lock the drum cartridge in place. Close the top cover, then the front door. After installing the drum cartridge, the printer makes an adjustment for about one to two minutes. Do not turn off the printer during this time.

Installing the Optional Tray Module If you are adding an optional sheet tray module or sheet tray module after setting up the printer, be sure to turn off the printer, unplug the power cable, and disconnect all cables from the back of the printer before completing these tasks. Remove the printer from the tray. Lift the printer with two people, one facing the front of the printer operator panel side and the other facing the back. Never try to lift the printer while facing its right and left side.

Lock the tray s into place by removing the top tray from the tray module and rotating the locking mechanism as shown in the graphic.

Replace all trays and load the paper. Turn on the printer. The printer will automatically detect the attached tray s but will not detect the paper type. The 64 MB memory card comes with the optional duplex module. Before you use the optional duplex module, you need to install the 64 MB memory card on the printer. If you already have an existing memory card installed on the printer, you do not have to use the 64 MB memory card provided with your duplex module.

Connect your printer to your computer. Insert the Drivers and Utilities CD into your computer.

Print and Check the Printer Settings Page 1. Print the Printer Settings page.

Dell 3010CN Service Manual

Press until Configure appears, and then press Press until Reports appears, and then press Printer Settings is displayed. Use the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool to monitor the status of your network printer without leaving your desk.

Chapter 2 Operation of Diag. How to use Diag. Configuration The diagnosis provides three modes that have their respective uses purposestarget operators, and functions.

This mode intends to be used in the production line with the purpose to locate a chip that causes a problem. Displaying a diagnosis item and its result [ ], [ ]: Customer mode The power is turned off. The kind of diag. Compare the sample chart refer to 4. The test will execute the DI Test codes of DI Test the components that are supposed to be faulty from the error details.


When buttons are pressed in the manner shown in the following table, the test displays the corresponding contents on the LED and LCD. If paper jam or paper empty occurs during the print, the test waits until they are resolved. The DI test is performed for all the DI components.

Exit operation of the DI test makes the control panel display the Customer diag. During the DI test, other Customer diag. It is a procedure for shifting from Diag. Shown in the table below are the correspondence between the sensors and the types. Code Transmissive type Diag.

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A push-switch closes the internal contacts via the plunger that is pushed down by the actuator of the cover or door that is being closed. Shown in the table below are the correspondence between the switches and the types.

Code Micro Switch Diag. This procedure is for the technical staff. Turn on the power and enter the Diagnostic Mode. Open the Front Door and the Top Cover. Code Confirmation procedure 12 Check the sensor. Two switches can be confirmed by this code. Open and close the Front Door. Code Confirmation procedure Turn on the power and enter the Diagnostic Mode. Open and close the Paper Cover. Pull up the right side lever Blue of the printer.

Remove the drum cartridge. Open and close the Inner Rear Cover. Open the Inner Rear Cover. Close the Inner Cover. Prepare the plain paper and the transparency sheet.

Fuser is very hot, so pay sufficient attention at work to above burns, etc. Open the Paper Cover. Open the Fuser Chute. Execute the DI Test. Open the BTR cover. Prepare the small paper 10mm x 50mm. Test for the Sheets Option Tray. Open the Feeder Cover. Push and release the Tray 1 Cassette Exist Switch.

Test for the or Sheets Option Tray. Open and close the Feeder Cover. Push and release the Tray 2 Cassette Exist Switch. Push and release the Tray 2 Cassette Select Switch. When the interlock is opened while the DO test is performed, each component ends to operate.

The function can turn on each of the DO components individually. Therefore it allows the user to check a component’ s operation from outside and judge whether the component is normal or not. The electromagnetic clutch becomes an electromagnet by the passage of electric current through the coil inside the case and attracts the armature and gear to the rotating rotor, thereby rotating the gear.