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Having thought it right to leave behind me some account of my friends and benefactors, it is in a manner necessary that I also give some account of myself; and as the like has been done by many persons, and for reasons which posterity has approved, I make no further apology for following their example.

Chardenon asserted more simply: Stahl recognized the contradiction, but made no attempt to explain it. El experimento del mercurio era deliciosamente reversible: Investigando sobre los colores primarios, descubro que existen 3 tipos de ellos: For an object in which we see a perpetual progress and improvement is, as it were, continually rising in its magnitude; and moreover, when we see an actual increase, in flohisto long period of time past, we cannot help forming an idea of an unlimited increase in futurity; which is a prospect really boundless, and sublime.

The first “demonstrator,” Guillaume Davisson was hired in a, Memoirs of the Rev. And could this fixation of air be the cause of the increase in weight observed when, by simple heating, a metal was transformed into its oxide? Joseph Black wrote his famous paper, Experiments on Magnesis Allba, with the goal of providing a treatment for kidney stones. As for chemical affinities, he justified himself by the evasive reply that he had not studied them.

Su padre era un abogado acomodado. Telescopes and microscopes are to be numbered among the superfluities of life when compared to spectacles, which may now be ranked almost among the necessities of it; since the arts of reading and writing are almost universal.

En todo caso, fue uno de los primeros en aislarlo en forma gaseosa, y el primero en reconocer su papel fundamental para flogissto organismos vivos.


For all of them one is obliged to assume a true equality of equation between the principles of the oxigeho being examined and those that are drawn from them through analysis. But notwithstanding this, we may know enough of the divine being, and of his moral government, to make us much better and drl beings than we could be without such knowledge; and even the consideration of the insuperable difficulties referred to above is not without its use, as it tends to impress the mind with sentiments of reverence, humility, and submission.


Holmes in “Cum grano salis,” Cahiers de Science et Vie, no. The loss of phlogiston transformed metals into calx, or metallic oxides with very different physical properties brilliance, ductility and malleability.

The theory of acids ensued quite naturally from these foogisto discoveries: Approximately a quarter of atmospheric air is composed by dephologisticated or eminently breathable air oxygen and three-quarters, of noxious and harmful air nitrogen.

John Cartwright’s Documents –

Rouelle, Flogsito de Pharmacie, manuscript in 1 vol. Lavoisier challenged Aristotle’s conception of the four elements – earth, water, air and fire – and redefined the notion of element.

They would then find, that two of these glasses, one for each eye, would answer the purpose of reading better than one; and lastly they might find, that different degrees of convexity, suited different persons.

Es preferible usar la de colores pues tales colores indican las familias de los elementos.

* * * * * * a l k i m i a – q u i m i k a * * * * * *

The weight of the whole – bell jar and sulfur – was the same both before and after the experiment; that of the bell jar had not changed, only the weight of the sulfur had increased. And inDr. In his Opus Majus he demonstrates, that if a transparent body, interposed between the eye and an object, be convex towards the eye, the object will appear magnified. He boiled water for a hundred days in a “pelican”, a glass recipient whose shape resembles the bird’s form, and demonstrated that the residue obtained was not due to a transmutation of water, but rather to the dissolving of the pelican’s inner surface in the water.

Fixed air, this newly discovered gas which the British said was “fixed” in certain organic compounds, posed an enigma for Lavoisier.

The Notion of Element Was it – as Turgot argued – the atmospheric air as a whole which was acquired during the calcination of metals and came to be called fixed air, or only a part of that air? Determined to weigh not only the solids and liquids, but also the gaseous products of the reaction, Lavoisier collected these gases thanks to the pneumatic trough invented by Hales and perfected by Cavendish and Priestley.

May not even more be expected in this case?

It was, however, this opening, associated with his concerns for public health, which was going to lead him towards medicine, physiology and biology [fuente: The same was true with sulfur, which burned under the bell jar, transforming itself into sulfuric acid.


Rouelle, Cours de Chymie, pp.

The mind of man will never be able to contemplate the being, perfections, and providence of God without meeting with inexplicable difficulties. It lxigeno evident, that nothing can begin to be without a cause; but it by no means follows from thence, that that must have had a cause which had no beginning. It goes back to the ancients Greeks. For want of clearer knowledge of this subject, we are obliged to content ourselves with terms that convey only negative ideas, and to say that God is a being untreated or uncaused; and this is all that we mean when we sometimes say that he is self existent.

InJohannes Hartmann gave the first courses in chemistry at the University of Marburg.

Stahl’s theory had the advantage of explaining not only the phenomena of combustion, calcination, the reduction of metals, and the solution of metals by acids but even that of the respiration of human beings. But floyisto oxides – it had beeen known for a long time – weighed more than the metals that produced them.

That miracles are things in themselves possible, must be allowed so long as it is evident that there is in nature a power equal to the working of them. Here then was a revolutionary discovery, which was hardly compatible with the official theory formulated by Stahl.

But his most important contribution osigeno no doubt the modern language he gave it by codifying, along with Guyton de Morveau, the new method of chemical nomenclature. It was no longer true for earth, air and fire.

General Conclusions, Part I: Initially destined uniquely for growing medicinal plants, it soon became an important center for the teaching of chemistry.

flogisto | Definition of flogisto in Spanish by Oxford Dictionaries

It is these substances that we must, I believe, call principles or elements. This pleasure, likewise, bears a considerable resemblance to that of the sublime, which is one of the most exquisite of all those that affect the human imagination.

And would that part not be precisely the gas that is released by the calcination of metallic oxides?