INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on purchasing the dbx Model XT Compressor/Limiter. We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual. dbx x. PROFESSIONAL SINGLE-CHANNEL. COMPRESSOR/LIMITER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Used with the permission of AKG ACOUSTICS, INC. View and Download Dbx X instruction manual online. X Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Dbx 160X Instruction Manual

The output gain is monstrous: Rear Panel [ 3E? Check the line voltage. It compresses as you want possibly a lot! On the Athis entry exists in jack, the terminal has disappeared. Your 1 60XT was carefully packed at the factory in a protective carton. He mixed all of his guitars in a stereo bus dedicated to this pair of compressors. Other instruments, such as horns, vary in loudness depending on the note being played, and benefit similarly.

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The price is what will draw most to these, as they are quite cheap, but not mmanual enough that they can be considered an entry level compressor.

Due to the gentle OverEasy characteristic of your XT you will find that even fairly high ratios are handled transparently.

Do not ground Pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type output connector distortion can result. Remember that, as with any amplifier, mznual gain may lead to output clipping of high level signals. I have seen a lot of them in guitar racks for some time. Please complete the Registration Card and return it. In cbx compression mode, the threshold is defined as that point above which the output level no longer changes on a 1: Our members also liked: He had with him-among others-2 dbx X.


Full text of “DBX: X XT Service Manual”

If you like colored compressor this unit will suffice but if your not use to compression this will be over your head.

Limiting also benefits intelligibility by allowing low-level input signals to be reproduced through the system at higher volume.

Page 4 Inspection 1. Another option is to install an output trans- former, which will allow grounding of either pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type out- put see page Useful when troubleshooting hum AC line interfer- ence.

In radio or television broadcast, the XT will produce stable voice levels, even with non-professional subjects. Customer Service The Schematic for the XT boards and power supply are provided on the inside back cover. This makes the XT audio input suitable for use with virtually any source impedance, low or high.

The converse of the above EQ technique may dvx used: I also use it on kick or room mics. If you need to manuql a product to the factory for service, sbx a letter describing the problem.

Also, do not remove the cover without first disconnecting the unit from the mains supply. Note that the XT does not have a power switch.

Raising a signal out of a mix Since ebx dynamic range increases the average signal level by a small amount, a single track can be raised out of a mix by boosting its level slightly and applying compression.


Our phone number is listed on the inside of the front cover. It then has a buttons for bypass and to change the display of the mnaual. This unit is a high quality piece of gear and should not be over looked especially if you need a great limiter.

Mark the package with the name of the shipper, and with maunal words in red: For more detailed information, refer to the specified pages. And this is not the case autrezs “big” references Input signals which fall be- low this level will pass through the 1 60XT unprocessed except for fixed gain changes directed by the output control.

Please fill in the Registration Card, detach it from the Warranty Certifi- cate, and send the card dbxx us today. Sort by most recent most useful.

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Connection to an inappropriate power source may result in extensive damage which is not covered by the warranty. This limiter can not be compared to a software limiter because it is just so much better than any software limiter to me. Threshold, ratio, output, bypass