a. dbmcli -d -u control, – Login b. dbmcli -d -u control, db_offline|db_state| db_online – Shutdown c. dbmcli db_enum & sdbuninst -l – Identify. The Database Manager has a command-line oriented client, the Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI). The Database Manager CLI is. At the server, the startsap command executed successfully, it shows that ASCS Command: dbmcli -d GWD -u control, info LOG.

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The default commanxs value is public. The format of packStartTime is: Valid values are from 1 default to 6. This section contains the following topics:. Number of days ADR files are retained.

In the DETAIL format, each attribute of a specific object is displayed on a separate line, with an attribute name followed by its value. A list of commands that you can run after a server rescue to restore settings, commandz as thresholds and notifications, to the last known values.

Metrics are recorded observations of important run-time properties or internal instrumentation values of the data abase server and its components, such as CPU.

  1978 CESSNA 152 POH PDF

Using this command you can view a specific file: Count of the number of media errors on the hard disk. For the KEY object type, the key value is displayed.

The type value is optional. For example, the following command would show the dbjcli created in the previous 15 minutes:. Identifier for the hard disk enclosure. Replaces the contents of an existing specified file.

MaxDB Administration using DBM CLI

The critical value also refers to a metric alert when the value exceeds the critical threshold specified in the metric definition. The password must have 12 to 40 alphanumeric characters or special characters! You can enable or disable this feature by setting the diagPackUploadEnabled attribute on the dbserver object. Indicator for knowing whether imaging is successful or not.

Make and model of the cell hardware supplied by the vendor. The user name should be unique. The number of bit data words transmitted on the InfiniBand port. The default is FINE. Tests for values greater than the numeric attributes. The default commznds for this port is For valid command-object combinations, review the syntax for the specific object command.


SAP ERP with MaxDB

Rules for the system logging utility syslogd. The local format is also accepted.

Example shows how to display the value of the rescuePlan attribute. The OFF option suppresses the display.

A web interface is also available. The percentage of total physical memory used on the server. The notification policy must be set before alert notifications can be received.

MaxDB Administration using DBM CLI

The metrics in Management Server memory. LIMIT sets a limit on the number of objects to display.

Possible options can be listed with sqlcli -h. Tests for equality between string, status, or numeric attributes. The version of the host channel adapter firmware. The dvmcli are as follows: The policy applies to all e-mail subscribers.