Dr. Dan Burisch is on a necessary hiatus from official public contact until later this year [December ]. Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say. Home / Tag Archives: Dan Burisch biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch. Read J-Rod and Dr Dan Burisch from the story Alien. J-Rod of Area 51 and Dr. Dan Burisch by SanjayPator (Sanjay Pator) with story Dan.

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I was also told to consider the views provided by LG as one of many potential realities at least in the future view mode. John Bunyan England 1so Majestic knew he was gifted. It would be easy to continue writing about Burisch, but at this point it would be a waste of time. He talks emphatically about a number of important subjects and was not conscious he was being recorded.

Can this be akin to “cell apoptosis” for the theory? On his old badge, there were three letters underneath S4; they were ETL for extraterrestrial laboratory. A crack in her theory? It was in the early s, and Dan encountered a group of J-Rods in an abduction situation see Project Camelot’s first interview with Dan for full details.

The other thing which happened was that Dan once again saw the J-Rod who had become his friend at S He actually had a good sense of humor. Thu, 18 Feb Return to Project Aquarius. All manipulations of potentially infectious diagnostic materials, isolates, and naturally or experimentally infected animals pose a high risk of exposure and infection to laboratory personnel. See also this page for precautions the American military has been taking through the trillions of dollars spent in construction of over a hundred deep underground bases in which any surface calamity could be survived by a relatively small and carefully selected elite group of people.

Mariani was a security man of medium build and height, about 35 to 40 years old, blonde hair and a tightly cropped blonde mustache. Over the next few years he developed a staggering ability in the area of biology, microscopy, and the sciences – so stunning that his mother arranged for Dan to be tutored by the then director of pathology at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, in histology and microbiology.

Due to the nature of the assignment, Dan has accepted and been sworn to a National Security Oath. You would think that if Burisch was at the center of balancing such a major project, an unprecedented project involving an alleged alien and the fate of the world, that his supposed black ops employers would have taken far greater care to ensure the project was completed and would have taken care of any problems Burisch was having, financial or otherwise.


While Howe says she believes Dan Burisch is telling the truth simply based on his sincerity, it will take much more than substituting sincerity for hard proof to convince this website of Burisch’s astounding claims. They couldn’t outright ‘get rid’ of him, as he had heavy connections into the upper echelons of Majestic, as well as deep connections with the J-Rods who were in treaty negotiations with Majestic and major governmental bodies, plus he also had familial connections due to his marriage into a Majestic family line that reached all the way back to the early s and the Roswell incidents.

This is interesting because this was not the purpose of the drawings originally; the stroller is not labeled and no attention has been given to it. Here is what he has to say about it: The following text was written by Dan Burisch’s colleague, Marci McDowellwith a number of clarifying footnotes and other links added by Project Camelot.

dann The Case for Inca City, Mars and move he and his family to a new location, with new cover jobs, and a completely different environment. Due to what took place during that event, Dan found himself returned to the park from which he was taken, subtly changed.

He said he did, but had a better explanation for the seeding of earth, an insight gained from his Lotus Project.

I remain prepared and would encourage to debate the issuance of my opinions, relative the relevance between the aforementioned orders of magnitude. I have also been told that recently there has been an effort made to outfit videotape recorders to be sent forward through the apparatus, thereby allowing the dark project people to gain some insight into what may take place.

He was still required to follow all the protocols, however his badge as we later learned was keyed to allow him access to multiple levels within the laboratory complexes at both Area and S This was not all that difficult for them, since Majestic had brokered the deal for his schooling to the Ph.

The differences in physiology occurred after the catastrophe – which in our timeframe has not yet happened – caused by one group the P45 and P52 J-Rods staying underground buurisch Earth to survive in the post-apocalyptic world until eventually they migrated to Zeta Reticuli, while the other group the P52 Orions left Earth soon after the catastrophe dna venture to the Moon, then Mars, then to other distant star systems which became their new home.

Are the first acts of progressing organismic metabolism a shared dance of catabolism and anabolism one imbued with a negotiated hyperbolic peace between predator and prey see: Ubrisch heard about it and read some information on their activities, however, I was not involved with the team. If one looks in the center, it is a cloudy white. Intelligence Spokesman during the Gulf War. We hope you enjoy and appreciate your time with him as much as we did.


Dan Burisch was mankind’s last hope to save the planet and ET from a cosmic catastrophe In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events. Very knowledgeable of the subject of UFOs. A new edition of our work on Mars and Earth anomalies is also underway.

Thank you bkrisch your help.

This device was also being tested for communications protocols and transportation applications as recently as before being dismantled for safety reasons as we enter further into the highly energetic space in and around the galactic plane. But I am confident that our best efforts will get this information into the hearts and minds of those people who need it, who can use it, and who will help make burosch difference.

Some argue that this is currently causing an increase of solar activity and a consequent warming of every planet in the solar system, not just the Earth, and that a catastrophe unprecedented in our civilization is in danger of occurring.

Dan’s experiences with Extraterrestrials, and Majestic, go back about 20 years.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

He was eventually assigned to be the Working Group Leader in Project Aquarius, R, Papoose Site-4 on the Nevada Test Site at the same location as Robert Lazar, only briefly when Lazar was there, but assigned to a leadership position sometime around A little further on, he has further reflections on the endosymbiotic theory proposed by Margulis Since I was also told many years ago about an experiment that went very wrong in the early years of the LG projectinvolving a test subject of some kind.

Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say, regarding what Dan is doing. This has grown into a book-length project that has received the van attention of Dr. D level in the first place, so they controlled the ‘playing field’.

Dan Burisch Summary

Linda Howe consistently referred to Dan Burisch as a doctor throughout her reporting on his story, that was until the bugisch filing and his resume came to light. There appears to be a complex, interconnected tangle of timelines which have been created in attempts to ‘fix’ this situation.

I knew Captain Danny Crain. If DNA is seeded on planets, ubrisch Dan believes through a virus that split into two components, then cosmic seeding of planets is the norm and those planets which have developed the right conditions geological intelligent design or the gaia hypothesis where atmosphere, lithosphere, and magnetic field parameters are all fine-tuned for the development and flourishing of life by life itself.

We built an excellent relationship with them, and shot over two hours of video which bufisch present here.