Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: El ladron de cuerpos – anne rice (crónicas vampíricas iv). : EL LADRON DE CUERPOS. CRONICAS VAMPIRICAS 4 ( ) by RICE ANNE and a great Book Description Mar 04, : El ladrón de cuerpos () and a great selection of Ladron de Cuerpos, El (Crónicas vampíricas / Vampire.

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To have human needs and to try and not find them disgusting. It is amazing that even after all this time and the endless series of vampire novels that this series still shines as one of the better ones.

I love old man David and felt his ending was perfect. The Vampire Chronicles 4. When the Body Thief the guy he’s traded with promptly disappears which, of course he was going to Lestat, you bloody idiot Lestat finds it more a nightmare than a dream being stuck in such a fragile body and starts a desperate search for the fiend so he can recover his own and wreak revenge.

Raglan is a kickass weirdo of a character and her descriptions of his movements in the fantastically creepy lead-up to his introduction have stuck with me for half a decade now ; she’s still obviously a liiiittle bit too obs Why did I like this book so much? It was especially interesting getting to see what being human again was like through the POV of such an inhuman vampire although I do wonder how differently someone like Louis or Marius might have experienced it.

We soar to Paris, the Bahamas, New Orleans. Yes it’s pretentious and unnecessary but it felt like I was in those places as I read fifteen pages of Miami heat. When I closed this book, I felt saddened at the silencing of Lestat’s running narrative, his eccentricities and sensitivites.

The funny thing is that I completely buy Lestat is so used to reading people’s minds and manipulating them that he misses a psychotic body stealing mass murderer might not want to lose his new immortal vampire superbody.

This book, however, takes it a little bit further. View all 3 comments. A list of interesting and suspenseful events that kept me interested. He also falls in love with a nun. The “action” part it’s a vampire book after all did seem to take a bit of low profile role on this one, giving us entire chapters of Lestat in his human form talking to some other human, most notably Gretchen or David, trying to figure it just what it all means. And in his overwhelming need to destroy his doubts and h In a gripping feat of storytelling, Anne Rice continues the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles that began with the now-classic Interview with the Ve.


Her books have sold nearly million copies, making her one of the cuer;os widely read authors in modern history. This one was a nice surprise–I found myself quite lost in ceonicas book in the best way and quite charmed at the new sides of Lestat shown throughout the book. And here we get that, we see him in every day existence, absorb the glory of it all, and experience his transitions as he gives up his vampire body to be a mortal once again and his supriring revelations he comes to discover.

I wanted to see him covorting around, just being him! Along with his close friend, David, they chase this man down. So is the appreciation of everything thats fragile and beautiful for that, all of the vampires’ love for humans and their mortality being a clear example of vamporicas. Lestat hems and haws and Louis and David chime in again too before he finally makes the switch, nearly halfway through the book.

But a man who physically steals bodies? Cuerlos he’s approached by Raglan James, a mysterious man who has being following him around the world. I know right from wrong I know what I do and yes, I do it. This book was definitely more philosophical than emotional.

Mar 20, Penny rated it liked it Shelves: To be ever so confused as to what the best approach to this transcendance would be. The action is not abundant and not thrilling. For centuries, Lestat—vampire-hero, enchanter, seducer of mortals—has been a courted prince in the dark and flourishing universe of the living dead. She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until vapmiricas death in On a more serious note, I liked that Lestat got a taste of ladfon own medicine in this book.


I loved Lestat for loving a woman. I really like this book, it is from Lesats point of view and is interesting.

El ladrón de cuerpos (Crónicas Vampíricas 4) by Anne Rice on Apple Books

Paperbackpages. Leer sobre vampiros no es una nueva moda. He has befriended David Talbot, of the Talamasca, and constantly 044 the old man the Dark Gift, which he always refuses.

But come on, imagine even just a short story about a dog running around in Lestat’s body. Rice personified it to the extent you feel dr really does know what it’s like to look from the outside at our species, and it’s uncanny how she transforms Lestat’s outlook in the process. This book made me realize how incredibly awful it really is to be human. Do I agree with Louis’s decision? Lestat fartou-se de ser vampiro!

The Tale of the Body Thief

To be fair, there is very little story here to get into. It is well written and packed of life reflections. And I don’t even care how unhealthy it would be, I just want to see them together, quarrels and all! Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado-masochism. I would, however, recommend vampiriczs to let this move you away from this one, but to find the simple beauty of humans interacting that Rice presented us with this book. This book has some small problems, but the last chapters 32 and on really made me want to throw the book at the wall the first time I read it.

He had to have known the sun wouldn’t kill him. Lestat agrees to switch bodies with this Body Thief for one day, so that he can feel what it is like to be human again.