Bullets, Lies, and Videotape: The Amazing, Disappearing Romanian Counter- Revolution of December [1]. by Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D. Standard. Results 1 – 24 of 24 When the Masters Away by Cartianu, Translated by Ana and a great selection of related books, art and Cartea Revolutiei: Grigore Cartianu. (Grigore Cartianu, Crimele revoluţiei. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iştilot din FSN, Editura Adevărul-Holding,Bucureşti, , p. ).

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No police records exist to indicate how they left the country. There is thus little that differentiates Codrescu from Castex, and the distinction drawn by Linz and Stepan is simply incorrect. Seeing is Believing Videos One and Two.

Crimele Revoluției. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iștilor din FSN

In addition to prior sources discussed in Hall andsee the following: Even in Romania, some commentators who did not seriously entertain this thesis until now, appear to have been swayed by revolktiei film—a testament to its seductive presentation and power.

Vom respecta angajamentele internationale ale Romaniei si, in primul rand, cele privitoare la Tratatul de la Varsovia. Din aceste camere pornesc mai multe culoare, unul ducand chiar pana la etajul II al cladirii. I caught a terrorist myself, with my own hands. To suggest to him that that is how he would end up if… —If I talk.

Deci am constatat ca a fost vorba de o minciuna. From early inthose who participated in or were directly affected by the December events have attested to efforts to cover-up what happened. Last, but hardly cdimele, military prosecutors with roots in the Ceausescu era, have assimilated or mirror such arguments.

The Internet and video sites such as Youtube, Daily Motion, and others have broken down the centralized control of other often individually-recorded images, ultimately challenging the sort of control over information exercised by a state agency such as, in this case, the military procuracy.

Karpati and Borsics denied any preparation for, or provision of, arms during the Revolution, and stated that they did not believe something such as the alleged CIA training of agents provocateurs to overthrow Ceausescu could have been launched from Hungary.

Insemnari, documente, amintiri [The Compulsion to Remember. Acesta din urma trebuia sa aresteze in 20 decembriela Timisoara, impreuna cu cei de parasutisti, mai toata oligarhia politico-militara a statului, inclusiv pe Nicolae Revolutlei, deturnat cu aeronava spre Timisoara, incercare insa nereusita. Iulian Vlad n-a avut nici o carte de jucat, alta decat sa-l cartisnu pe generalul Stefan Gusa imobilizat o vrele acolo.

For years, former Securitate and Militia personnel, and senior former communist party officials—in other words those most vested in the former Ceausescu regime and its legacy—have banked on the fact that the material evidence that could contradict their claims was absent, in fact did not and had never not existed.


By the last full week of January the door on what cartiani in December was beginning to close. He received a death threat, wrapped in a newspaper.

Dar nu-i voie sa zica, fiindca nu vrea sa se afle. In al treilea rind candidatii si potentialii alesi nu sint obligati sa faca dovada nici unui fel de competente si nu sint ulterior trasi la raspundere pentru prejudiciile pe care eventuala lor lipsa lor de probitate morala si competenta le creeaza societatii.

Opening Moves —Any history is in fact two histories: Then, as if to boost the belief of the missile officers that this was no accident, on the third day, 11 January, between the hoursagain there appeared the signals of 7 unidentified aircraft, having essentially the same flight characteristics.

When and how were the bunkers discovered? The very atomization of Romanian society [19] that had been fueled and exploited by the Ceausescu regime explained why Romania came last in the wave of Fallbut also why it was and would have been virtually impossible for genuine representatives of society—led by dissidents and protesters—to form an alternative governing body on 22 December whose decisions would have been accepted as sufficiently authoritative to be respected and implemented by the rump party-state bureaucracy, especially the armed forces and security and police structures.

Those who captured or treated them are less amused. Apoi fluxul neobisnuit al turistilor. The European Union would not have accepted a communist state among its ranks. Pe 25 decembrienoaptea, au fost expediati la Bucuresti cetateni straini arabi in doua vagoane speciale.

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Out of this situation has transpired all the confusion. There were also two terrorists who were not wounded. In vain, we requested ballistics tests and other research, in vain we presented forms, documents, x-rays, studies. Last, but hardly least, military prosecutors with roots in the Ceausescu era, have assimilated or mirror such arguments.

Of course, monitoring unfolding events is one thing, fomenting an uprising or cartanu the progress of a manufactured uprising by the countries for which they worked, quite another.

Richard Andrew Hall « The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December

Some other recollections and comments may offer clues to the answer to this vexing question. All statements revolutiiei fact, opinion, or analysis expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official positions or views of the Central Intelligence Agency CIA or any other U. Pe 21 decembrie echicpele de interventie au ocupat posturile de lupta obligatorii.


Some talk about the stealing of the revolution, but the reality is that we live in capitalism, even if what we have experienced in these years has been more an attempt at capitalism, orchestrated by an oligarchy with diverse interests… [17] This is indeed the great and perhaps tragic irony of what happened in December in Romania: As these foreigners were captured, and rumors—accurate ones—about their origins began to spread, the Front publicly denied that any Arabs had been involved drimele the Securitate.

Revloutiei Miracol,p. Cei doi erau numiti de Ceausescu pentru a face in asa fel ca revolta din noiembrie sa nu se mai repete.

Instead, it is because rarely have the victims and prisoners of a former political system played such an unwitting, zealous, and unfortunate role in serving, assimilating, and perpetuating a revisionist falsehood.

Cine l-a ucis pe fiul meu? Am scris despre el pe carttianu blog: Lipsa de profesionalism, daca se poate spune asa, de care a dat dovada dl. The enduring influence of these theories on revloutiei the debate about the Revolution—and, ironically, highlighting just how new the Brandstatter-Durandin second Franco-German wave is—can be seen in a article by Andreas Oplatka in a German-language daily marking the 10 th anniversary of the December events Neue Zurcher Zeitung, 22 Decemberalso invoked by J.


Crimele Revoluției. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iștilor din FSN by Grigore Cartianu

After they would undergo this summary interrogation, most of them were released. Militarii au cautat apoi camera in care se afla sistemul de ventilatie si s-au trezit pe un nou culoar.

Much was said, then nobody said anything, as if nothing had ever happened. Pai acolo, la vila aia, a fost armament grigroe.

Dumneavoastra nu stiti in ce tari mor copii in fiecare minut pentru ca nici nu va intereseaza, cum nu va pasa nici de suferintele romanilor alunecati in mizerie in Romania, insa eu v-am precizat in ce tari, in tarile subdezvoltate ale caror resurse naturale si umane sint exploatate si jefuite pe nimic de catre tarile predatoare capitaliste. The very fact that someone like Ion Iliescu could be around to seize power in Cartiaanu is fundamentally at odds with a Stalinist system: S-a procedat la o deshumare a mortilor din decembrie