Today, the mail man brought me a copy of “The CPHIMS Review Guide 2nd Edition – Preparing for Success in Healthcare Information and. Available in: Paperback. Whether you’re taking the CPHIMS exam, or simply want the most current and comprehensive overview in healthcare. There is no real single study guide for CPHIMS. This is probably . I got the 2nd edition of the HIMSS book and I’m utilizing the practice tests.

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The book has really valuable and relevant information. But I will tell you that some of the questions and their answers looked weird, random and difficult to apprehend when I cross-checked these with the content. Operational LeadershipChapter 4: Eition LeadershipChapter 3: Raja, I find Healthcare to be very certification and credential focused.

You need to plug yourself into sources that will feed you with the latest updates. If possible can you please email me as much details you can to start my study on this, like books, pdf, tests sample, any material. I listened to each word of every module multiple times.

This exam really helped in my preparation. Repeat the previous three steps with the next test. I made condensed notes of the content that I did not know or thought was important.


Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

cpihms Once I am comfortable with what I have studied in the book, I will continue with the question. I could not make head or tail of at least one answer. BTW, online study group is a valuable info at this time. Third, you may guive a genius and think what I did was way too much.

Use authentic sources for the study material. Write the content from memory on paper. I treated the exam as a study guide rather than an actual test. Lessons Learned Overall lesson learned: Several other web sites Price: Second, it was too dense and long pages for me to finish within a reasonable time.

You study these questions forget about your test score and their answers.

I would answer questions at a time. So I read parts that I thought were most relevant: Android based test looked very good based on the reviews I saw.

Thanks, Sneh Giri sneh yahoo. Mohab, I have not used these resources so I cannot advice.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

I came up with the following strategies to meet these challenges. Now four things before I begin my blog. And did I tell you that I took w-a-y more time than the usual two hours? Hindsight — it was an overkill. I also started writing the content from memory on paper.


Foundations of Clinical Performance. Your email address will not be published. More you practice the better you get. However, I do not think you have to pass the assessment test to qualify for exam registration.

Here you go deep with a handful of study material. I found out that the Healthcare IT professionals are aware of it.

I suggest that you go over the study guide before attempting to take the test. First, I really did what I am going to write here.

Add the answers of incorrect questions to your summary notes material. Read the notebook from front to back. I am not going to give you an impression that this was an easy thing for me to crack.

Can you help me? So I studied my notebook on the plane while traveling on business, during idle times while running chores, lunch breaks, night time after I am done with the work orders for the day.