Genus, Cichlasoma Swainson, – American cichlids. Species, Cichlasoma istlanum (Jordan and Snyder, ) – mojarra del Balsas, redside cichlid. Cichlasoma istlanum is a species of ray-finned fishes with 5 observations. I just picked up 4 Red Istlanum last week. 3 of them from COA and 1 male from Rapps. The ones from COA are Gmfishnuts original strain and.

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Besides her job, she still devotes time to help any person with a cichlid question! E-books for sale PDF copies of popular isglanum books offered for sale at the best price.

Trade section The master list of cichlid offers ordered by area and species name. The extensive range of ‘Cichlasoma’ istlanuk has given origin to several geographic color forms of the fish, the one shown in the photographs I have to admit being not the most colorful variant but coming from clchlasoma of the few areas I know where the water is clear enough to take underwater photographs, Rio Papagallo in the Guerrero State N.

Human uses

In this genus the fish remained until the big Cichlasoma mess started in istoanum the Swedish ichthyologist Sven Kullander restricted the genus to some South American representatives closely related to the type species, Cichlasoma bimaculatum Kullander, Sadly the species is more and more under pressure due to the introduced Amatitlania nigrofasciatum Zebra cichlid.

I have observed that other cichlids at the sight of the guarding male just change subtly their route to avoid cichpasoma nest vicinity, any careless fish that comes too close is then chased away by the angry male. It has been suggested then that Istlanum according to it’s feeding technics could be considered part of iwtlanum genus Nandopsis Gill Konings,but recently Dr.


A minnow, Algansea aphanea, is also found in rivers Coahuayana and Armeria and the redhorse sucker Moxostoma austrinum in Rio Armeria. Articles for sale Beautifully formatted and wonderfully illustrated PDF articles about all matters relative to cichlids. Cichlaeoma life is found in some rivers in the form of large weeds that the fish use for cover Rio Amacuzacbut mostly no aquatic plants are found in the main courses of the rivers where istlanum lives. I had a big rebular pair and a smaller tangerine pair from Conkel.

Here are a few pics of the male from Rapps. Cichla is another genus of cichlid.

Ex-Cichlasoma Istlanum

Males can istpanum up to 30 cm in length, females always stay smaller. Subgenus that after a year was relegated to a section of Cichlasoma by the same Regan Yellow on the head, as well as the blue iridescent spots on the scales and fins, also intensifies on both sexes. Now if i can get a couple females from Gatling ill pair him up with one of those, otherwise ill use one of the females i have now and most likely sell the rest. I have done extensive collecting with casting nets in rivers in the Colima state, but wasn’t able to catch a single specimen.

People awareness of the species existence and understanding of their biology are a beginning force to convince others of the importance to preserve the unique and once proud fauna of our world. The large cichlids from Central America are a bit out of fashion currently.

Ex-Cichlasoma Istlanum |

At this time the female stays closely above the cave just peaking her head to take a close look at her babies every couple of minutes, preventing with her mouth that cichlasomaa dirt may cover them; after that she returns to her position, the male at this time surrounds apparently careless the nest in circles about a meter in radio.


The mullet so called “Fire land trout”, Agonostomus monticola, and the tetra Axtyanax fasciatus, are also found in the whole range. Juveniles can be encountered gregariously in the shallows mainly close to overhanging vegetation, where they seem to stay until they become strong enough to swim in the currents and join a group of larger conspecifics.

Suggestion of a common name: They’re looking frisky there haha how big do these fish get? At her return, they flank each other like a sign of taking the turn and the male then disappear from the area.

I love this species FWP and they are on the C. Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app. Istlanym fact limits the istlanum habitat to a fraction of it’s potential range, as Balsas tributaries courses are found in a good part above this altitudes. I just picked up 4 Red Istlanum last week. Snorkeling in the few rivers where this was possible also was unproductive.

Cichlasoma istlanum : fisheries

Pam Chin has been replying to cichlid questions for over twenty years. How big are they? Apr 25, Messages: The species is sexually active already at a length of cm. I used to a have istlaunm but she was a freak, started to rock the boat lol.

Jun 18, Messages: