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Phase diagrams and phase transitions. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Textbooks and genedale supplementary readings. Electrical and chemical work. Department of Physics and Astronomy. Frontal lectures 48 hours Additional notes about suggested reading: Overview of valence bond and molecular orbital theories. Cell and electrode potential. Search Course unit catalogue.

Textbooks and optional supplementary readings. Planned learning activities and teaching methods:. Reversibility of chemical reactions.

The First law of thermodynamics. Gillespie, Humphreys, Baird, Robinson, Chimica Brown e Le May, Chimica: Relationship between free energy and the equilibrium constant of a reaction. Kotz, Purcell, Chimica Salta alla navigazione Strumenti personali.

43049 – General and Inorganic Chemistry

Boiling point elevation and freezing point depression. Mahan, Chimica generale e inorganica Pietre miliari nello sviluppo della chimica e la visione moderna degli atomi e delle molecole ; 8.


At about the middle of the past century atomic orbitals made their entry into the university textbooks of general chemistry. The introduction of orbitals in the teaching of general chemistry at the freshman or high school level has been a true educational anomaly, comparable to the pretension of a mathematics teacher to teach the subject of derivatives without having previously explained the mathematical concept of limit.

Classification of crystalline solids. Concentrations of the solutions.

He can also foresee the likely result of a chemical reaction. Elements of inorganic chemistry. Crystal field theory brief notes.

Scheda insegnamento — Laurea Triennale in Chimica

Lowering of vapor pressure. Being functions of the coordinates of a single electron, orbitals always have kofz approximate character in multielectron atoms since the effects of interelectronic repulsions can be accounted for only in part. Heterogeneous equilibria involving gas phases.

Consigliato per approfondimento su temi di chimica inorganica. Spence, Nature, One has the purpose to check the level of theoretical understanding of the topics covered in the course.

Malatesta, Chimica generale Learning assessment procedures -The purpose of the examination is to verify the level of knowledge on the different subjects treated during the course and evaluate the ability to apply this knowledge to the description and prediction of the chemical properties of the matter and of the different compounds. Chemical Principles 5th Edition W. In the lectures the Teacher explains the various topics of the program aiming to illustrate the relevance to the future professional context of the Student, providing concrete examples of the application of theoretical concepts drawn from everyday experience.


Shortly after, they began to be adopted also in the teaching of chemistry in the high schools of some countries: Pimentel, Spratley, Chimica generale Energy of the chemical bond.

Powerpoint slides used for lectures will be available. Le soluzioni e il loro comportamento ; Intercapitolo: Boiling point of a liquid. Chemical equilibrium in solution.