William Ellery Channing was weary of having the epithet “Unitarian” flung at him His address, “Unitarian Christianity,” stands as a hallmark of Unitarian history. Beginning in the eighteenth century, a religious split began to occur in New England. Christian ministers began to diverge over their beliefs in Christ and various. Unitarian Christianity has 17 ratings and 3 reviews. Edwin said: True ChristianityThis little volume is for everyone who wants a true and honest relati.

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Channing’s view of the New England liberal Christian position was that it emerged out of the cultural soil of the Puritan past and was in harmony with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. For this section of the paper, see Bassett, Edited by Delbert Burkett. In fact, Channing’s letter precipitated further controversy as both the liberal and the orthodox Christians battled over chrisitanity and doctrines.

While there may be a few clergymen in New England who agree with the Socinian position, the dominant two groups of liberals could be broken down in a more clear and distinct way. Italics found in the original text. True Christianity This little volume is for everyone who wants a true and honest relationship with God.

In opposition to traditional American Calvinist orthodoxy, Channing preferred a gentle, loving relationship with God.

In Conrad Wright’s apt phrase, it was a “party proclamation. An Encyclopedia classes him as one of several figures who “took a more pantheist or pandeist approach by rejecting views of God as separate from the world. Back to the Unitarian Christianity Main Page. Christy Baker added it Oct 21, In this way, Channing was a crucial person for the formation of the Unitarian identity in nineteenth-century America as he clearly elaborated their beliefs and what it meant for them to be a Christian.


For the Transcendentalist poet, see William Ellery Channing poet. The first section addresses one topic, but the second section covers five issues.

A year after Channing’s letter to Thacher, prominent citizens in Baltimore requested the aid of New England Unitarians to help establish liberal Christianity in Maryland. Hawke chrisfianity it as to-read Sep 01, Baltimore, Maryland was beyond the confines of New England, and the liberal Christians there were attempting to battle orthodox Calvinism. Samuel Worcester responded to Channing’s letter.

By trying to obstruct such enquiries hcanning the nature of religion and the Christian life, Christianity has caused severe harm. Channing objected to the way Unitarians in the United States were portrayed in the review. In Channing engaged in a noted controversy on the principles of Unitarianism with Samuel Worcester— If the orthodox Christians want to separate, then the division and its negative consequences rest on them.

William Ellery Channing

American Unitarian Association, Shinwha marked it as to-read Jul 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Moreover, Channing’s preaching the sermon at a new liberal church outside Boston signaled the intention of the Unitarians to make theirs a national movement. From the preface to the sermon from the book “William Ellery Channing: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It is our moral nature, the spring of all our virtuous acts. Laura Bird knight marked it as to-read Jun 25, We are told to love and imitate God, but also that God does things we would consider most cruel in any human parent, “were he to bring unitariam children into life totally depraved and then to pursue them with endless punishment”.

As quoted in Bassett, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Want to Read saving…. He reverses the charges and accuses Morse of criminal acts of slander and reducing their reputation.


Religious instruction should aim chiefly to “turn men’s aspirations and efforts to that perfection of the soul, which constitutes it a bright image of God.

Unitarian Christianity by William Ellery Channing

Channing had never been one who enjoyed controversy, but in Mayhe would once again help to define what it meant to be a Unitarian.

Wright, Unitarian Controversy The idea of the human potential to be like God, which Channing advocated as grounded firmly in scripture, was seen as heretical by the Calvinist religious establishment of his day. Channing, The Works Sep 16, Bernard Norcott-mahany rated it really liked it. Victoria L Conran rated it liked it Jun 08, Rogelio Jonathan added it Feb 28, Even at the end of his life he adhered to the non- Socinian belief in the preexistence of Christ:.

It was highly orchestrated. Humans are not beyond aid. Instead, God had placed within humans a divine spark that provided all people with a high level of spiritual agency. Channing was known for his articulate and impassioned sermons and public speeches, and as a prominent thinker in the liberal theology of the day.

He argued that the only way to full salvation was through a belief in the Trinity, and he believed the Unitarianism of New England was undermining the Christian faith. While there is no doubt that humans tend to sin, they are not depraved as Calvinism asserts. The orthodox ministers began chdistianity attack Channing immediately.

Pamela added it Aug 11, Toward the end of his life Channing embraced immediate abolitionism.