Cerebus the Aardvark (or simply Cerebus) is an independent comic book series that was written and illustrated by Canadian artist Dave Sim, with backgrounds. Reprinting Cerebus Issues Welcome to Estarcion, the wildly absurd and funny world of Cerebus the Aardvark. This initial volume collects the first two years. As the creator of Cerebus, Sim is one of the medium’s biggest champions for Aardvark-Vanaheim, starting with the flagship series Cerebus.

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An even earlier albeit short-lived adaptation was done for radio in the early eighties. Sim has great disdain for “women who attempt to be men”, so depending on how generous you want to be toward his intentions, Mary Ernestway can be seen as either a mean-spirited exaggeration or a particularly vicious deconstruction. Cerebus kills Cirinists, and exhorts the men to rise up against the Cirinists.

Beginning At Aardvark: The Extraordinary And Controversial Career of Dave Sim

Eventually Jaka’s ex-husband Rick arrives at the bar. See all 37 reviews. Xardvark killing and looting is very important to him. Pie in the Face: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Dozens of significant characters over the course of the comic’s run.

The early issues also flow very well with the serious storyline, believe it or not. Pretty much the entire point of the comic, to the point that it’s impossible to tell where one issue ended and another began after the fourth phonebook, when the stories stop having individual titles.

Sim also marketed a set of “Diamondback” cards based upon a game seen in early issues in the s. As Cerebus flies through the solar system, he is shown images from his past and is forced to reconsider his actions and his faith. A few standalone, uncollected stories have appeared in various collections and magazines over the years, and Cerebus has made cameo appearances on the covers of magazines such as Comics Revue. Cerebus acquires a halo. He has significantly aged, become a heavy drinker having barely been able to tolerate alcohol in “Jaka’s Story”and it is gradually revealed that the mental and emotional scars from the events at the end of “Jaka’s Story” have left him mildly insane.


It looks like water but it tastes like Loads and Loads of Characters: Cerebus moves into a hotel near the East Wall rather than joining Bishop Powers.

In this story, there is a strong thread about the dangers of commercial success and “selling out”.

He even writes a lengthy description of Cerebus’ bar in the Old Testament style of description. These are a must have. They are generally referred to by fans and retailers as Cerebus “phone books” due to their size; also, they use the same newsprint paper as the original comics. Then we find that the assassin of the other Pope is none other than Astoria, and she’s also Lord Julius’ ex-wife.

Cerebus agrees to live with Jaka and her husband Rick as their houseguest. And we meet Cirin, the other aardvark.

Cerebus (Cerebus, #1) by Dave Sim

Cerebus’ cold takes a turn for the magical and he acquires a glowing light and a fiery sneeze. But his rule doesn’t last long. The art of the character hims The very beginning of the saga by Dave Sim! Read more Read less. Cerebus comes to the wealthy city-state of Iest as the representative of Lord Julius’s city-state of Palnu.

Joanne returns and taunts Cerebus by courting Rick. To paraphrase Sim himself, he set out to write three hundred issues of a life that “made sense”, unlike Spider-Man or Supermanseries that, to Sim, “don’t make sense as a story or a life”.

He’s living in another tavern, he’s lost weight and he’s looking more like Cerebus of old. Excellent humor and story. Retrieved May 9, Aardvarks are magical creatures, on whom great events turn and twist. And it’s got the bug in me to divest myself of some objects if I can.

She also seems to take pride in the fact that she has out-“manned” Ham, who is little more than a shell of his former self and has what little personality he has left crushed whenever he’s around her.


Yet the writing is quite good even if the story lines are a bit repetitive in the first few issues. Did not think Dave Sim was a cereus artist with page layouts that rival today’s comics and an entire comic making in one HUGH image of Cerebus in issue For anybody that has not read Cerebus, I highly recommend getting these two books and reading them both.

And there’s Fred and Ethel and the little guy with the hair. Cirin is afraid that Cerebus can impregnate himself and breed a race of aardvarks. Be it through plunder or war, his quest for riches knows no bounds. Here, Cerebus colludes with a corpulent faux-Bavarian warlord to conquer the great city-state of Palnu, ruled by his former employer Lord Julius a cowardly, cigar-champing Groucho Marx figureand an aqrdvark system of corrupt bureaucrats.

Browse Related Browse Related. Gold does weird stuff. Cerebus shows a bit of life when the new ditzy waitress comes. The turning point, for me, cefebus in issue 14 with the introduction of Lord Julius, a cynical despot modelled on Groucho Marx.

Issue was published Novemberand the trade paperback, Last Day, has been published and that’s it. He ran aardvaek Jaka, now married to a guy named Rick, and also Oscar Wilde.

Cerebus is set in the land of Estarcion”in the s, but for some stories, it aardavrk other times and places, notably Victorian England and s America. When the cerbeus issue of each novel has been published, a special publication of the novel is printed.

There’s at least one moment of Deconstruction of this in Rick’s prose memoirs.

The material has an odd tone to it, a sense of deadly seriousness mixed with some insanity. Cerebus 1 Refine Results.