18 user reviews on Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor. Today, the super tweeter and hemispherical dome midrange of the Ditton 66 Series II demonstrate the talent of a large enclosure to reproduce indifferently the . 8 items Find great deals on eBay for Celestion celestion ditton Shop with confidence.

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When I decided to replace them, inI was seduced by the JMlab Onyx K2which had extreme lows like I had never heard before up to that day: Do you already have an account? More than 7 years even personal and grew up with a pair in the family living room, purchased in by my father.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Post 1 of 5. Fully passive – we could have simply redesigned the crossover. Same tweeter as your ’15XR’s.

Celestion Ditton 66

The Kef and Cadenza do exactly the same. The treble response falls celetion rising frequency, resulting in a loss of perceived top end detail. When removing the huge mid drivers i noticed they are the prefered newer spec MD,the early ones being MF As for the Dittons, after having used them at my difton home, I gave them to one of my sons, who still uses them today, since my second home has become my primary residence.

Attention you will pour. I know it’s an old design, but If this speaker was made today, I reckon it would still sell well probably cost a fortune though.

dittkn Creating convincing scale, from appropriate music, is very important to me in a hi-fi system. The Lockwoods take a more gradual approach until about 25Hz when they hit a brick wall. Tweeter and mid network. Our members also liked: The problem was that enclosure resonances were interfering with the top end response of the woofer.


User reviews: Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor – Audiofanzine

Quality terminal blocks, filters and capacitors which composes and worthy of wiring cables HP car. How does it sound? This speaker sounds best with a flat treble response. It contains a high pass for the tweeter and a lowpass for the mid. Nice pair indeed, too bad the tweet screens ce,estion missing A real gem my eyes Many people like this option because it allows flexibility to use any amplifier. The only thing I would criticize about ditfon is that the low mids are weaker, compared to JBL monitors or even the smaller 44s, it’s flagrant.

They sound so good so can they be improved? How would they partner an SET 25W in a smallish room? This proved not to be the case here.

Fully active – this is a very popular option amongst DIYers. Celestion Ditton 66 is a ccelestion that many enthusiasts have refurbished. The time now is This product is no longer manufactured.

The very large passive bass network also limited the amount of lining that could be used. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The other Celestlon a rigid cabinet that drives the resonances up high in frequency. Celestion Ditton 66 anyone? The medium rather sublime voice, made a piano, oboe. Many thanks Hi I have used Fortes and Klipshorns for many years but not their baby brothers the Heresys.

There’s the thin walled cabinet with mass damping – This gives a clean midrange and treble, but because the cabinet can flap about, the low frequencies aren’t as tight as they could be.


Going through the search facility as we speak Yes, my password is: S I’d keep hold of the original caps, just in case you need to revert back for any reason. Extended response in the bass, no distortion subjective effectrealistic voices, good stereo imaging, very nice finish exceptional condition for pregnant and with the original passive speaker 30 cm in the back of the speaker. I also have a single 66 available. Both tweeters are missing the protective covers since I acquired them, and one tweeter’s clear plastic dome has been pushed in but hasn’t touched the driver due to the clear cover’s convex nature.

I always use these two columns today for monitoring in my own recording studio, they became indispensable.

Used Celestion Ditton 66 Loudspeakers for Sale |

Any other considerations I should bear in mind, given their age? No, because it can not spar is attached to it, its quality of assembly HP and cabinet and the impression they give guests Ouhaaaaa! Moving on to the woofer, we can see that the existing crossover is asking a great deal of the dome mid.

How would “freakin’ awesome”, do? I saw a review which described them as a ‘hooligan of a loudspeaker’ The Ditton 66’s I heard at shows years ago and they were very impressive.