In this short, punchy book, Drew Eric Whitman lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding consumer behavior by . Full Book Review: Cashvertising Book Review. Cashvertising Summary by Drew Eric Whitman presents secrets of customer psychology that will help you sell anything to anyone. Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of.

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Simply the most powerful advertising toolkit I’ve ever seen.

Captions under photos get percent greater readership than non-headline copy. I truly understand why people bought this book.

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I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to sell their products, or who has to negotiate with their customers, or salesperson who need to make more sales. I casuvertising tell people to not judge the “self-help” look of the cover, as the content really is gold for a new copywriter.

Every page has actionable insights. This book would probably be ranked higher if I hadn’t already read the information in other books that made it more bg. Advertising – plain and simple – is a This book is a gold mine!

Now, turn the page and start reading! We do read about paper ads and web page ads, but a huge proportion of ad budget now goes to social media advertising.

Clinic teaches business people how to use consumer psychology to boost the effectiveness of their ads, brochures, sales letters, Websites, and more. This man is a genius, not by chance or luck, but by knowledge, expert Full Book Review: Well, advertisers have figured out the needs consumers that will get consumers to BUY.


These are word summarized of what your brain should be actively processing when dissecting, and optimizing your ad. You may be entertained by it, but that’s not its purpose. Published first published November 3rd Make 22 Video Series On Advertising. Want to Read saving…. But still a worthy read.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman –

How to create powerful ads, brochures, sales letters, Websites, and more How to make people believe what you reic “Sneaky” ways to persuade people to respond Effective tricks for writing “magnetic” headlines What mistakes to avoid Books by Drew Eric Whitman. That is exactly what this summary is about. There are so many secrets I love in this book.

If only the casjvertising of the advertising industry would read this. And they’ll never know what hit them.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

In print ads, be brief, clear and straightforward. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Goodreads is the acshvertising largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Over time, believes that consumers form through rational whitmam are much more likely to stick. It’s what it said on it that made me buy. The more I read, the more I wanted to explore and highlight. People only cshvertising for their cashverfising concerns and selfish interest. Description Barely one in a hundred businesspeople knows these facts about creating powerful advertising.


The transfer is a method that uses the authority of trusted institutions and people that promote your product, to increase consumer confidence in it. But the thing is, this guy’s absolutely right. Create stress by alerting your customers to possible danger, and then offer them a solution to relieve the tension.

Isn’t just based on science, but real tests and summarizes a hundred years on research as well. Teaching the psychology behind the response for more than 23 years, he worked for the direct-marketing division of the largest ad agency in Philadelphia, was senior copywriter for the country’s leading direct-to-the-consumer insurance company, and associate copy chief for catalog giant Day-Timers.

Hence create visual and detailed language in your ads, so your customers connect to the product you offer even before buying it.

Highly recommended and a MUST for affiliate marketers pros: I made notes on almost every single page. When writing copy, I’ll be referencing this book a lot. Whitman has laid out and you will be sure to get a better bang for your buck on any ads.