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The Labour Inspectorate found that employers are more eager to hire illegal workers and to underpay them Yearly report kleibmetaal In a study of CBS, the wages in the Horeca have slumped during the last decennium. During andthe rise was even negative.

Source data for example administrative data; national accounts or specific survey: There are some activities which supply new products, but which are not counted under the Industry. It is unclear why this percentage has stabilized.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

The policy makers do not feel themselves responsible for the height of the wages. The percentage cai remained quite stable over the different years Van der Stelt e. Separate measures are oriented at employers with employees with a disability. The working conditions in The Netherlands have not drastically changed during the crisis see table above. Click to share this page to Facebook securely. For the remaining years: The growth accounts show what the input is of the different production sources to economic growth.



The request of employers to abolish the locally agreed coa holidays was rejected. This results not so much in changes in composition effects. De sociale staat van Nederland Wage development has only partly been responsive to the economic crisis; and for the labour market, the crisis has shown a unique example of labour hoarding.

Full-time 48,7 50,5 51,8 52,8 53,5 7 2. Statistics on wages and employment. The trade unions were prepared to agree upon wage moderation.

The CPB examined dao detail which factors contributed to this unexpected and extraordinary result De Jong, There is also an administrative reason for this higher number: This component reduced the rise with 1.

This report gives some insight into the use of variable pay and financial participation. Their analysis delivers some more insight. For oleinmetaal periodthe actual wage drift would be negative to zero. However, if the Theil coefficient is divided by its maximum value, then the value of the coefficient varies between 0 and 1.

Wage trends 1. The top quarter of the households earn four times more than the lowest quarter of the households.


In these two sectors, the amount of working time decreased slightly 0. Lange werkloosheid in grote recessie. A macro-economic study czo this relationship has yet not been found. Wage inequality has traditionally been quite limited in The Netherlands. To escape the zero-rise policy which was the rule in the central government, trade unions proposed to employers to introduce a reduction in working time instead of pay rise.


In Germany, the crisis has affected the manufacturing and construction industries substantially, whereas these effects are much smaller in the Netherlands. Oratie Universiteit van Amsterdam. The average income is the highest in Europe, in this graph.

Trends and relations with other working conditions The financial and economic crisis has affected the wage development in The Netherlands. Industry construction industry excluded ; production, turnover, sales, SBI Skip to main content. The lower limit of the Theil coefficient is equal to 0 at that moment, everybody has the same incomethe upper limit in this case, all income is in the hands of one person depends on the number of persons in the used sample.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

The government started blocking most of the wage increases in the different sector of the public administration: This would mean that this payment system is not so much a substitute for fixed pay systems, but rather a small extra to attract new personnel.

Fao are considerable differences between sectors in wage developments.

Thirdly, employers had the possibility to limit the rise in the incidental wage-part: