Speco CAMMIC High Impedance Line Level Microphone, In stock. $ Only. Buy now and save. Buy SPECO CAMMIC Microphone with High Impendance Line Level: Microphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The CAMMIC is a unique microphone from Speco Technologies in that it can be connected to a line level input on an amplifier or DVR instead of a microphone.

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Products – I.


Low profile, ceiling mounted self-contained camera package including lens, and power supply. A string of numbers that identifies a camera or DVR on a network Lux: Useful for discreet and hidden applications as well as when a large depth of field is required.

When state of the art innovation is leading. Record crisp video in complete darkness for distances of.


Yes 2 Front Panel Buttons Smaller numbers give a wider angle of coverage. Most Helpful No Reviews. When the camera and monitor are powered from sources using different grounds with different ground potentials.

Higher numbers are better. Perfect for existing construction. The recording frame rate of each channel is adjustable up to More information. The ability to pass your video signal through a device and continue it on to another. Americas Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Experience increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and efficient. Ear phone x 3 S-Video Dimensions H camkic W x 7. Camera is adjustable within the housing for perfect aiming.


Long Distance Transmission Easily More information. Cameras for Mobile Surveillance. Speco Technologies provides exceptional customer service, in depth product training, superior technical and marketing support, and a generous product guarantee. Plug and play ease of installation. Camic picture tube in a monitor CCD: RGB analog or digital, 0. Wireless Elevator Security Camera Kits. We made it convenient. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully before connecting.

Multiple units could cajmic mounted behind multiplexer, quad, DVR, etc.

The distorted hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted More information. Plug and Play Projection. Available in DC and Video configurations to match your camera. The rated coverage of the lens in mm. A camera whose lens allows for the adjustment of the field of view. We’re like the Home Depot of security cameras with experts ready to answer any questions you might have.

All lenses are CS mount unless specified. Power cord, adapter, user s guide and audio cable included in the box with all monitors. Leddura Lexinus Mensa Serie For when function matters. An international developer of video compression and transmission technologies, Darim Vision is committed More information.


Specifications subject to change without notice. Experience increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and efficient More cammiic.

Speco CAMMIC Microphone/ Audio Pickup for Camera | eBay

Laser air Leddura Lexinus Mensa. We’ve worked with thousands of customers from different industries. In addition to selling the features and benefits of our unique product line, they provide onsite demonstrations and formal classroom training for spceo and audio products. Call Us Toll Free: All spefo and materials used shall be standard components that are regularly manufactured and used in.

AC In x 1 Termination Day-time, night-time or round the clock. Specifications Dimensions Optional Kit. Install a ground loop corrector or power all camera from the same source as the monitor.