Thought this may be helpful to anyone converting to the later style internal regulator style Bosch alternator. T, if it is of any use please feel free. bosch alternator 0 k1 14v A it has a threaded post B+pade termanal D+ how do i wire this how do i wire this up b+ is the positive and i think. PROBLEM: Many of these alternators are originally equipped with an external voltage regulator. Due to age and harness fatigue many of these harnesses are in.

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You need help alright I’ve read that damage can occur here so l1 a look. I got that after searching google for ‘L28 ALternator wiring’ It should be straight forward, both the nissan and holden alternators use a main power wire, a voltage sense wire and a warning light wire.

The 35 amp was on it’s limit with the driving lights on and the thermo fan cuttinhg in. I got a new reg today, I will try that now. New reg is in and working. Hello sports fans, I installed a new VL Bosch 85amp rb30na alternator on my gq rb30 patrol, it fit with just a pully change and some shim adjustment. The filetypd now is He gave the battery a charge while tinkering, checking the points etc.

  ECI XDM 1000 PDF

The Bosch RE60 reg fitted to many many Australian made Bosch alternators will work happily with older technology batteries as well as many of the later types. No definitive way of. It seems that the adaptor wire supplied to plug the bosch into the Haitchi plug has the wires reversed. Tons of this stuff on the internetbut you have to spend the time to sort thru it boosch.

Charge light is now working on start up. Alternator Issues – help My trusty 76 let us down for the first time yesterday.

Testing the field coils seems ok too. Calcium-Calcium batteries definitely work at a higher system voltage so should be avoided in our old Holdens. Now all the electrical load in the car is connected directly to the battery so this voltage will drop as load increases.

Last edited by wooble; Dec 30th, at Please use, Holdenpaedia will get the first box on the left side. It should explain how this unit operates and is wired.

Bosch internal regulator alternator wiring diagram. |

This time I did the right thing, taking the alternator out completely and put it back with the new “piece of gold”. Cold weather will also drop the voltage just when you need it most. Maybe because it would be direct short to ground when not generating power? Once the unit is energized and working properly, that terminal goes to about In my 15 years selling these I rejected many hundreds of warranty claims on these regs that were claimed to have been received with factory made broken brushes.


It just climed straight up over 15 volts. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. View all Fixya Reports. Not likely to have happened January 7, at 7: He thought the regulator had gone in the alternator.

Bosch internal regulator alternator wiring diagram.

Question about T 3 1 Answer Please give me alternator plug wiring diagram on a Toyota hilux 3. Did the charge light come on at all?

There had been no charge light illuminated but suspected alternator which the AA guy confirmed. Create new account Request new password. Question about T 3 1 Answer Regulator how to wire connect electrosport esr voltage regulator on a moto guzzi with bosch three pahase alternator. Dec 29th, Thank you and cheers for your help, Louis. Proper wiring diagrams on on my web site. Connecting the sense wire to the batteries causes the alternator to output extra voltage to compensate for the voltage drop in the longer cables.