A major component of moder SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems is the Bosch Denoxtronic reduction agent metering system. It reduces nitrogen oxides. Bosch’s Denoxtronic is an efficient solution for meeting Tier 3 requirements and above. It injects AdBlue, a solution of percent urea in. Bosch components. Dosing control unit DCU/ electronic engine control unit MDG1. Optional with MDG1: heater control unit HCU-PC. Optional with MDG1.

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All products Operation System benefits Contact Other systems. Many thanks for taking an interest in Bosch Mobility Solutions!

Operating principle of exhaust-gas treatment.

Exhaust-gas treatment by selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides SCR: Latest Bosch Mobility videos on Youtube Watch now.

A Diesel exhaust fluid inlet.

Denoxtronic 2.2: Exhaust-gas treatment to cut NOx-emissions

Wideband lambda sensor For use in gasoline and diesel engines. There are two variants in the portfolio: The air-cooled denoxtrnoic of the dosing module is intended for installation on the underbody. Glow system for diesel engines From cold-start aid to adaptive glow system. The main task of the control unit in the dosing control device is the model-based calculation of the required dosing quantity according to a predetermined dosing strategy.


Denoxtronic ­exhaust-gas ­treatment system

Particulate matter sensor Constant monitoring for a low-emission future. The water-cooled dosing module is actively flushed with coolant. You can change this setting at any time by clicking on “change settings”. Press releases and pictures Visit Bosch press portal. I have taken note of the privacy statement. Lifetime 1 for light commercial vehicles. Denoxtronic dosing control unit For efficient exhaust-gas treatment. Media Center Download more information on this subject.

Denoxtronic dosing control unit. Structure of the diesel exhaust fluid dosing module air-cooled. Se continui ad utilizzare questo sito acconsenti a tale uso.

Denoxtronic supply module

Please try again later. Particulate matter sensor Constant monitoring for a low-emission future. Dosing module Delivery module Exhaust-gas treatment Denoxtronic. A Sensor unit for filling level, concentration and temperature. The DEF is filtered by a lifetime filter.

This website uses cookies for functional, comfort and statistics purposes. The main function of the gosch module is to deliver the DEF from the tank to the dosing module via a precise solenoid membrane pump. The hydraulic connection on the dosing module and the coolant connections can be aligned in different directions to make them easier to mount in narrow installation spaces on the engine.


The urea is then converted via thermolysis and hydrolysis into ammonia. Trade fairs and events Exchange ideas with our experts on site.

The core task of the dosing module boosch the demand-based injection of diesel exhaust fluid into the exhaust manifold. The dosing module ensures a precise diesel exhaust fluid quantity control and handles its atomization and distribution in the exhaust pipe.

Necessary cookies These cookies are necessary for the website. The dosing module is part of the Bosch Denoxtronic system which contributes towards reducing the NOx emissions. Bosch understands the requirement for bosdh coordinated system design that takes account of all interrelations and boch this demand with holistic solutions.

The second generation for commercial vehicles: Trade fairs and events Exchange ideas with our experts on site. Latest Bosch Mobility videos on Youtube Watch now. Euro 6, from September as well as new emission test cycles further reduce these limits.