· 1 · Back on the Helldesk with BOFH · · 2 · BOFH: This hardware is dead It has ceased to be · 3 · BOFH gives good slide · · 4 · BOFH . The Original Bastard Menu From Hell. The electronic rights of the original BOFH are owned by DATAMATION magazine. All other rights are retained by Simon. BOFH Episode 28 “So,” The PFY blurts as I rattle away on the keyboard on my latest epic document. “What about a quick game of Unreal Tournament?.

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Ah yes, the BOFH — that legendary, bogh creature whose origins date back at least 25 years — and an acronym that still triggers a mischievous smile among sysadmins.

Celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day with the Bastard Operator From Hell

I want it unbearably cold, and noisy. I want items scattered dangerously around the floor. I want random floor tiles to be missing. I want a very old sandwich of undetermined origin sitting half-eaten hofh the corner. A Silicon Valley sysadmin once told me that one of his job requirements really was intimidation.


Others were applying their skills to a related project — the Bastard Operator from Hell excuse generator. Dummy Mode is Forever. Once finished, we uploaded it to the phone bfoh and created the queue to repeat eternally. We assigned it extension number Once in the queue, any button you press once in this queue restarts the recording.

Our new department policy is: But in a fitting twist, it turns out that someone else had already done bogh similar. And the link triggered more fond reminiscences. The Hamsterdance Song was the hold music for this Queue and we used to run a report just to see how long people would last before they gave up. But maybe they know the real truth: Cover from The Bastard Operator Omnibus.

BOfH Random Excuse Generator

Book 1 by Simon Travaglia. The cause of the problem is: Interference from lunar radiation. High nuclear activity in your area.

Occasionally, we send updates and useful info. Chef Open Source Community: Breaking My Cluster,1 Day at a Time. Software Delivery Machine 1. What we’ve shipped in Convert log data to table format using new Log Analytics capabilities.


Conquering a Double-Barrel Webpack Upgrade. Interview with Kubernetes Pioneer Tim Hockin.

Our best reads of Code examples and comparison for Solving Data Portability with Kubernetes: A Blank Check for Open Source.