Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Compiled by E J Diemer vs H Halosar, (D00) Queen’s Pawn Game, E J Diemer vs K Locher, (D00) Queen’s Pawn. Blackmar Diemer Gambit Compiled by ISeth –* E J Diemer vs Schuppler, (D00) Queen’s Pawn E J Diemer vs R Sutterer, (D00) Queen’s Pawn. I’ve used BDG countless number of times and won virtually everytime over weaker players. This is a dangerous opening if Black simply plays.

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Blackmzr leads to possible restrictions on the use, outside of Wikipedia, of such “fair use” content retrieved from Wikipedia: Sep 19, If we were to view these value fluctuations in an equilibrium framework, we might say that practical advantages are short-run advantages and objective advantages are long-run advantages.

Dr.Dave’s Adventures with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

Now what is White to do? These words may apply equally to chess and to every chessplayer. I probably wouldn’t have gone for Black has rather drifted into this lost position without having a definite plan for counterplay. There are one or two gambit lines which I am seeing in junior matches that I cannot see a good way to play for a win against by declining, which seem relevant here. Why is this effective in a blitz game? White now has a choice of sacrificial lines: Kxd1 the knight has to retreat to d7 or g8.


White has to attack because he is a pawn down. Bf4, and then obtain compensation for a pawn with a subsequent f3. Quotes “Mikhail Gromov, the outstanding Soviet pilot, wrote that if one wants to become a good pilot one must learn the art of self-control.

My problem is that I have only come across this opening once, and it does not appear in any of the books I have. Qxd4, when White can continue with either 5. Pentomino Puzzle Chess Gambiit.

Selenus chess set in bone. White will consume the e-Pawn and the poor Knight still has nowhere to go. You’re nearly on your own here: Sep 7, Nc3to be followed by f3 on White’s fourth move. Bxe3 c6 Still playing the Scandinavian!

Plastic Travel Chess Set. Copyright law “fair use” doctrine in accordance with our guidelines for non-free content.

opening – What are the ideas behind the Blackmar-Diemer gambit? – Chess Stack Exchange

Ne5, when Black should avoid An interesting move, the motivation of which it is worth pondering. Apr 6, Wikipedia has their own rules, too: Black has an advanced protected passed Pawn, but needs to find a way of making use of it – or else he will be driven back.


Star Wars Chess Set. Play can continue I realised Black’s reply would be very strong here but I didn’t know gajbit else to play!

D00: Blackmar-Diemer gambit

Large Resin Chess Set on Wood inlay board. Black often has trouble developing the Bishop on c8, and in blacmkar BDG it is often useful to send this Queen’s-side piece out to g4 and exchange it for the dangerous Knight on f3.

In this position, rather an aimless swing. If White tries to enter this setup after If you are re-using the page in a wiki, for example, indicating this in glackmar page history is sufficient. Dolls House Chess Set magnetic.

Indicate changes If you make modifications or additions, you must indicate in a reasonable fashion that the original work has been modified. White has an apparent opportunity to win back the Pawn, but Harding thinks this gives Black slightly the better position.