Blackmailed Into Marriage [Lucy Monroe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blackmailed Into Marriage by Lucy Monroe released on Jul Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Award winning author Lucy Monroe’s books have hit : Blackmailed Into Marriage (Wedlocked!) eBook: Lucy. Blackmailed Into Marriage By Lucy Monroe – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Damian is a strong hero who shows his maturity and understanding when he explains to Lia that sex is not what makes a marriage, it’s the intimacy. The fear of admitting she had a problem to Damien was almost as bad as the issue to Blackmaailed. No, pops isn’t heartless or wicked, he’s marirage misguided an Re-read Luch hero ever.

This book reminds me why I love readingit also gives me knowledge and learning. Nice change of pace for the hero. I was both attracted and repelled at the same time. So many are actually backward cavemen who don’t really value women for themselves, just as commodities filling the traditional role mpnroe pure, untouched, marraige devoted slave-doormat-wife.

Generally I avoid books with sexuality issues as there is usually some history of sexual trauma and I am not comfortable reading about that. In addition, the heroine and the hero’s relationship with their families are a bit too caricatured and are not portrayed with any depth. Not only did that surprise her- why should he care how close she was to her family- but it also got her back up. Lucy is so right, the silence must not continue.

Having been left destitute by her husband, she goes back to Spain asking her grandfather for assistance. Even I’m not her current husband, the times she mention Toby name is like minus my mood to continue the story.

Damian had watched her daughter skip rope?

Blackmailed into Marriage (Wedlocked!) by Lucy Monroe

It would require Lia and her blaackmailed signing documents to the affect that Kaylee Kennedy, an American citizen, would not inherit the titles from her Spanish family. Once dinner had ended and the guests started to mingle, it had become almost unbearable in her current fragile state. Lia is the perfect broodmare, who can provide him with an heir. I was reading the book and I kept thing, OMG, a real woman with a real problem.


Yet neither men are aware of Lia’s physical condition that will not allow her to make love. The terms of the deal Benedicto had proposed said not. Feb 26, Jacqueline rated it liked it Shelves: Moneoe agrees to marry Lia and provide for Kaylee believing this is just a business deal they are entering in to. unto

It was a good thing that This was a good read. So, not blackmaile did I learn something new which I lovebut I got to connect with my cousin about her work a bit more. Especially the way it deals with sexual dysfunction. Also, ditto to what Carol said.

Blackmailed Into Marriage

Marry Lia and be guaranteed at least half of the Chavez-Torres business holdings. The only one star that I’ve minus off is Lia kept mentioning Toby.

blackjailed Still, this was a different and interesting Harlequin, and I greatly enjoyed the hero’s tenderness. If you prefer a longer book, but want to keep it steamy, try her Mercenary trilogy or Goddard Project series from Kensington Brava. That night, as she tucked her daughter into bed, Lia found it very difficult to believe the small, blonde pixie faced something as serious as a hole in her heart.

So all in all not very This is one of those books that seemed really short. Made me think that that is how my hubby would react. Oh, he was dressed as the others in a hand-tailored tuxedo that fit his tall, muscular body perfectly. Lia’s grandfather agrees to give her the money for the operation, but only mmarriage she agrees to marry his business associate Damien Marquez.


Lia blushed again and averted her face. Lia is the perfect broodmare, monrooe can provide him with an heir. I was curious to see how the hero, Damian, would handle it.

It will stay with you long after you are finished reading. You created a great story in each book. He gives her an ultimatum, she can marry the man he’s selected for her, Damon Marquez. This is an emotional love story that grips at your heart and makes you rejoice at the HEA. While I initially liked the heroine very much because of her honesty and bluntness, there were times she was cringe worthy in her naivety that crossed into voluntary stupidity.

This was the rich tycoon that we’d all like to meet in real life. Lia was a poor widow who needed money for her daughter’s operation. That is totally clear when we read the last page, which had me smiling especially the part about the box that was dusted daily by the maid!!!!!!!

Blackmailed into Marriage

Her first marriage was not a happy one because she suffers from a medical problem which prohibits her from enjoying the physical aspects of marriage. It’s a real deal not something that exists only in Harley-land where it would be cured by the appearance of a magic penis.

Mar 02, Leona rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 24, Mou rated it really liked it Shelves: But now she needs their help to save her little daughter. U Lia has never had much of a relationship with her spanish grandfather, especially after eloping to the US with karriage high school boyfriend when she was