Voi intoarce la locul acesta si pe Iehonia, fiul lui Ioiachim, regele lui Iuda, si pe toti Iar proorocul Anania a luat jugul de pe grumazul lui Ieremia proorocul si l-a . Metropolitan Bartolomeu (Anania) of Cluj, Alba, Crişana and .. “BIBLIA sau SFÂNTA SCRIPTURĂ” — Ediţie jubiliară a Sfântului Sinod. 7 Ног gli huomini che faceuano il viaggio con lui riflettero attoniti, “udendo ben la thi»mato per nome Anania, alómale il Signore ‘ d irte in vifionc, Anania.

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Afterwards, he continued his studies at the Theology Faculty of the University of Bucharest [4] and the Theological Academies of Cluj and Sibiureceiving his degree in the latter city in This idea has been supported by Ion Mihai Pacepawho argued in a book that Archimandrite Bartolomeu was an agent of the External Intelligence department of the Securitate who was sent to the United States to divide the Romanian community.

Biblia – Versiunea Bartolomeu Anania publicată în 2001

However, he was expelled after he organised a student strike against the new communist government of Petru Groza. He was informed of this by his brother, who was himself incarcerated in the same prison. The whole project has been made available on the web-site: Nevertheless, after the elections, he reconsidered the involvement of clergymen in politics.

This ideal was practiced also in the Russian Empire, and it was recently promoted by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.


Inhe was a candidate for the office of Patriarch, but he lost to Daniel Cioboteawho received from the Church Electoral College 95 votes, against 66 for Bartolomeu. In his homilies given mostly in the Nicula Monastery as he celebrated the services on the Bilia of the DormitionMetropolitan Bartolomeu gave a series of messages with an ecological bent.

According to the testimony of contemporaries, during biblua period, Hierodeacon Bartolomeu had the protection of Patriarch Justinian Marina. Regarding ecumenism, Bartolomeu argued that unifying all Christians within one Church meaning the Orthodox Church is a far-fetched goal.

He also made clear his worry about the possibility of using microchip implants.

The Bible was printed inand it became the jubilee edition of the Holy Synod. He was further declared to be an honourary citizen of the city of Cluj-Napoca in This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Bartolomeu Anania Romanian pronunciation: BetweenHierodeacon Bartolomeu was the superintendent at the Patriarchal Palace in Bucharest.

That year, he spent three weeks under arrest, being accused of participating at the funeral of a member of the Iron Guard. The first one was that the Church be able to select parliamentary candidates, and then have priests urge parishioners during sermons to vote for them.

Bartolomeu Anania

ISBNp. Politically, Metropolitan Bartolomeu asserted that he had always been attracted by the right wing.

Afterwards, he entered the Bucharest Central Seminary in Inhe was recalled to Romania from North America, purportedly because of reports biblua mentioned a possible defection.

Indeed, to do this, he would probably have had to enclose himself almost completely in his monastic cell for the purpose. He argued that the state was never really separated from the Church. Inhe was recalled to Romania from the United States because of reports which mentioned a possible defection. Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania has subsequently admitted that he signed denunciations against other high-ranking clerics for the Securitate in As one witness commented, this work required more than 10 years of completely dedicated and hard labour.


Metropolitan Bartolomeu (Anania) – Canadian Orthodox History Project

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” http: It is reported that he participated in a meeting in Florida, which was intended to bring about a separation of parishes from the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America.

It may be recalled that such a prison as Aiud freely used a wide variety of tortures, and that in this and other prisons many people perished.

Infollowing a controversial decision of the Holy Synod, the archdiocese was elevated to the rank of a metropolis, and the title was changed. From toHierodeacon Bartolomeu Anania served as a hierodeacon in the monasteries of Polovragi and Baia de Aries.

Archimandrite Bartolomeu Anania continued his service as he participated in various conferences in Detroit, Chicago, Honolulu and Windsor.