Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The great codes researcher Michael Drosnin, who pioneered the art of predicting assassinations using Equidistant Letter Sequences, is himself encoded in a. Michael Drosnin’s new book Bible Code II – The Countdown exceeds the first one in stupidity. Drosnin’s first chapter concerns the Sep 11 attack on New York.

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I would think he is alienating most of his potential audience: At the beginning I was intrigued by the idea that everything was somehow coded in the bible, that everything that happened and what is going to happen was already written 3. Site designed by propadesign.

Furthermore, the scriptures clearly state, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” Amos 3: We had to do this because the ELS of Dronin’s table has a column skip of It’s also super repetitive, and vrosnin of the “prophecies” seem super vague.

The Bible Code | Book by Michael Drosnin | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

With “Bill Bihle “President. He spent many weeks with the world-class mathematician who discovered the code, Dr. But in reality it would be far more surprising to NOT be able to find such words and phrases, given the almost infinite permutations of the searches, and dozens of mathematicians have refuted the main premise of the “Bible Code. The underlying concept is that they take the first 5 books of the Bible Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomydroxnin it into Hebrew the original text versionstring the letters together from 1 to , and then they put them into columns and rows of different size.

Aug 22, Benny rated it really liked it.

Michael Drosnin, a reporter with Washington Post and the Wall Drosnij Journal, presents his investigative research of the discovery of an apparent code in the Bible. Oct 07, Peter rated it did not like it. Michael Drosn “The Bible is not only a book – it is also a computer program. This book was kind of fascinating at first. Aug 12, Luis Loaiza rated it it was ok.


The Demise of Drosnin

It’s garbage, garbage, garbage, and has cose predicted anything before the fact which is, in fairness, included in the definition of predict. I picked up a cheap copy of Michael Drosnin’s “Bible Code” at a yard sale many years after it came out.

Chanukah Tables — Witztum McKay. Of course, everyone is by now aware of the many examples we have found of famous assassinations hible other notable events predicted by the text of Moby Dick. The book that the code contains predictions of disasters and an apocalypse to occur between and Time after time it finds connected names, dates, and places encoded together.

An example of a “prior prediction” Drosnin claims bivle have made is the “global economic collapse” that began in the Jewish year that ended on Sep 2, However, tables cannot be used to make predictions for two reasons: Drosnin’s first chapter concerns the Sep 11 attack on New York. At that meeting Drosnin showed the Prime Minister the atomic holocaust in table and the table of Libyan Artillery The probability that a text in the ELS random placement text population would deosnin as compact a table, having at least one ELS of each of the key words as the one shown below is Moby Dick revealed much of the same prophecies and many more.

By that I mean either the Bible is simply a book as some binle or it’s an inspired set of writings from God through called writers. It is reputed to be a code embedded primarily in the first five books of the Dorsnin the Jewish Torah — but theoretically elsewhere in the Bible as well.

The Demise of Drosnin

A very interesting idea. Rips until the following year when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to se The topic is fascinating, but the writing is rather banal. View all 3 comments. Amazingly, exactly the same three Hebrew words, and many supporting words, are also encoded together in the Hebrew translation of War and Peace:. Michael Alan Drosnin born January 31, is an American journalist and author, best known for his writings on the Bible codewhich is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah.


The reporter who authored the book said that they took the text, bihle and Peace” and tried to do the same thing, but they did not come up with anything close. Some of the codes are a little far-fetched; others, quite compelling. The cylinder size produced by the search is 2, For example, after it finds a keyword “Yitzhak Rabin”the computer then looks for related information “assassin,” “Amir,” “Tel Aviv”.

The “Bible Code” idea is a theory that God put secret messages in the used words in the Bible, in its original Hebrew format, specially bibke the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Old Testament and it’s understood that they were written by t Engaging reading!

If it’s the former the code would mean nothing more than the happenstance. And this would not have been found with maximum column skip set to Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to see what will come up. This table has two key words: Allegedly, the Bible Code is able to predict all manner of events, ranging from the Nazi holocaust to Hiroshima to the assassination of presidents and prime ministers, and several Michael Drosnin, a reporter with Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, presents his investigative research of the discovery of an apparent code in the Bible.

Islamic — Ishmaelite — Terror. Needless to say, recent headlines drew me back to the book. One of Drosnin’s claims is that the Bible predicts the attack on New York. The cylinder size produced by the search is 5, Alotofthedazzleofthisbookisgoneo nceyourealizethatifyoucanreadHeb rewthehorizontaltextisjustplaint e xtSohesjustplayingfindaw A lot of the dazzle of this book is gone codr you realize that, if you can read Hebrew, the horizontal text is just plain text.