Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. By the time she’s 28 years old, British -born Quinn Bed Rest – Kindle edition by Sarah Bilston. Download it once. In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest. Three months of bed rest forces a pregnant lawyer to reexamine her life.

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The concept was appealing to me A young English lawyer, married to an American and living in New York, goes for a routine scan, finds her amniotic fluid dangerously low and is confined to bed for the duration of her pregnancy. Refresh and try again.

However, after a mere seven or eight days, she’s sure she going to go out of her mind with boredom. All wrapped up with a nice little bow in the last The main character was totally unlikeable. Nor is it the book’s fault that my circadian rhythms are all to cock with doing my first ever week of night shift and I’ve been so tired that I would have killed for three months’ bed rest, quite frankly. She also deals with family stuff.

This novel is written in the form of a diary so most of the sections are short. Jul 27, Plethora rated it liked it Shelves: The book manages to stay relatively breezy, nonetheless, and ultimately avoids truly facing the issues of Q’s marriage which is the heart of the plot, largely secondary to her being on bed rest or the health of the baby. For awhile I was dragging myself through it and was like, well, I should just read it and finish it, but you know what? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Bed Rest Audiobook | Sarah Bilston |

A little too fairytale. I still find it a good read.

Well, the author did a good j This book was pretty good. Boredom quickly sets in and then turns to panic as Q realizes she and her husband are woefully unprepared for the baby. satah


Even if you’ve never been pregnant you’ll be as instantly hooked on this addictive novel as I was. Somehow it all works out in the end.

While most of us dream of days on end in bed with nothing to do but eat and watch television, Q shows us the true nature of being a caged animal – Plum Sykes, author of Bergdorf Blondes. This was a good audio book and my first by Sarah Bilston. More concerned with his career it seems than his wife and child, he irritated me a lot!! I am pregnant and on bed rest albeit for different reasons than the main character but I was not that impressed by the writing or the story. The characters were not particularly sympathetic or likable.

At the end, this mom delivered a healthy baby – and that’s all that matters. But ultimately, there is not enough of a storyline to warrant this long of a book. Find a book you’ll love, get our newsletter name email.

All the characters were terrible people. Workaholic Tom doesn’t seem to have any time for her so what is going to happen when the baby arrives?


As a woman once diagnosed with placenta previa during her first pregnancy I iblston the doctor talking about blood “literally pouring off the table” if things went wrong and also sentenced to bed rest, I empathized with Q’s bed-rest trials: It was fun, light reading and I often found myself laughing with ssrah heroines self-degrading especially when it came to the food humor.

BED REST by Sarah Bilston | Kirkus Reviews

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The main protagonist is just awful. I liked it because unlike those novels which are romantic in tone, th Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying this book which I misjudged.

Bilston manages to make all this quite amusing, while guiding Q through resolution of her less-than-sisterly xarah for her sisters, her deteriorating relationship with Tom, and the legal case of the downstairs tenants which Q takes on to while away her hours.

Life is too short to force myself to finish crap books, so into the DNF pile for you.

Hardcoverpages. What finally did it for me was when Q the protagonist describes bjlston scene taking place in the building across the way from her’s basically, she’s peeping into other people’s apartments. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the last 3 months of your pregnancy lying down?

I must stop that.