Becoming a Writer has ratings and reviews. Daniel said: Holy crap, Dorothea Brande, why the hell is your book almost completely forgotten?I g. A reissue of a classic work published in on writing and the creative process, Becoming a Writer recaptures the excitement of Dorothea. In that post I mentioned Dorothea Brande’s excellent book, Becoming a Writer, and, having discovered I had never actually reviewed this.

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A sound, practical, inspirational and charming approach to writing, it fulfills on finding “the writer’s magic. Brande is convinced that only after you get those two halves working together will you produce your best work.

Becoming a Writer

Write about anything and whatever comes to mind. Those three books were followed by ten years in which nothing was published, but I still doothea on, still following Brande’s “method”. Just as soon as you can—and without talking, without reading the morning’s paper, without picking up the book you laid aside the night before—begin to write.

She talks about getting your conscious and unconscious minds to work together, how to get your butt in the chair, how to make writing easy, and how to let your genius emerge. I have place set aside for writing, there are no books there and no windows. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Decades before brain research “discovered” the role of the right and left brain in all human endeavor, Dorothea Brande was teaching students how to see again, how to hold their minds still, how to call forth the inner writer.

Even with pages and pages devoted to the writer getting in touch with his unconscious mind, there’s nothing namby-pamby about “Becoming a Writer. It will quiver and wince and run to cover, and you will have trouble in luring it out again to observe and weave tales and find words for all the thousand shades of feeling which go to make up a story. You will agree with Brande when she says that your genius is infinite. The particular point to be noted just here is that this difficulty is anterior to any problems about story structure or plot building, and that unless the writer can be helped past it there is very likely to be no need for technical instruction at all.


Feb 15, Amalia Danciu rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She also shows how to harness the unconscious, how to fall into the “artistic coma,” then how to re-emerge and be your own critic. Books on Writing by Women Authors — for Everyone. My everyday concerns and pleasures are like antagonistic cheerleaders distracting my writing mind. This is Dorothea Brande’s legacy to all those who have ever wanted to express their ideas in written form.

In order to gain anything from reading it, the reader is required to undertake certain exercises. The stupid conclusion that if he cannot write easily he has mistaken his career is sheer nonsense. Paperbackpages.

The bulk of the book is about not only understanding that dual nature, but also positioning yourself to use that duality most effectively. This book is about freeing becomijg unconscious ability in all of us. Ina new publisher, Bookouture, republished Of Marriageable Age. Brande talks about the artistic temperament, and the need to cultivate spontaneity, and innocence of eye, as well as the ability to respond freshly and quickly to new scenes, and to old scenes as though they were new, and to see “traits and dirothea as though each were new-minted from the hand of God”.

Moreover, there is the distraction set up by the little clatter of keys, and there is the strain of seeing the shafts continually dancing against the platen. Apr 06, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: But the part that really stood out for writrr was her discussion of genius.

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande | : Books

Here, however, is a writer who exposes this lie and provides practical exercises aimed at discovering and freeing your own inner genius. Dorothea Brande launches straight into her I grab anything I can read usually the book I’ve been reading the night before upon waking up; I read before, during and after breakfast, inside the toilet, inside the car on my way to work during heavy traffic.


I also never reread. It’s not about writing techniques, styles or genres. I suspect that every teacher hears the same complaints, but that, being seldom a practicing author, he tends to dismiss them as out of his field, or to see in them evidence that the troubled student has not the true vocation. She somehow was able to name-drop writers who, almost beckming exception, continue to be read today: Gardner may have had noteworthy things to say about the art of writing elsewhere, but here witer doesn’t add much, I’m sorry to say.

As a side note, you have to give Brande credit in her passing mentions of then-contemporary authors.

This book, however, says that reading can be bad for the writing craft. Both John Brainewho wrote the foreword of the rwiter I have, and Ted Willis have words of praise for the book.

Becoming a Writer – Dorothea Brande – Google Books

Very interesting ideas about how to work in greater harmony with your unconscious, and harness its power deliberately. If you fail repeatedly at this exercise, give up writing. How many dozens of writing books have I read, and I should have read this one first. The library is no more than a store room for several thousand books. It would have saved me a lot of trouble, both in reading those other books and writing my own.