Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide has 3 ratings and 1 review: Published Parp’s Chain Saw Guide: Buying, Using, and Maintaining Gas & Electric Chain Saws. Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide is a must have book for the shop or coffee table. It’s the penultimate chainsaw collector’s handbook, complete with technical . Choosing the right sized saw for you, starting a saw, and safe handling instructions are among the topics covered in this excerpt from a popular chainsaw guide.

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ghide I’ve had an awful ringing in my ears, on occasion, paro I couldn’t get rid of for three days. Brad Taylor marked it as to-read Aug 02, They come down like spears and they can penetrate several inches of frozen ground, or anything else that happens to be in the way.

Take hold of the starter rope handle with your left hand. After the engine has fired, move the choke control to half-choke whether or not the engine kept running. Most of these devices can be back-fitted; in other words, if you own a McCulloc chainsaw without a chain brake, you can take your saw to a McCulloch dealer and he can install a chain brake for you.

Barnacle Parp philosophy

My only suggestion is to avoid cutting under limbs that might fall, or to have a watching helper warn you when one breaks. Several excellent chainsaws cost less than two cords of cut wood and practically everyone lives near some source of seasoned logs. It’s a temporary condition, but it can be very dangerous if you and your saw are in a bad position, or if kickback catches you by surprise.


But proper cutting techniques can’t protect you from the falling branches bxrnacle we call widow makers.

The drive link tangs should be just visible, and riding well up in the groove of the bar. Pump the oiler every ten seconds to break in a new saw.

If the machine still guire idle, adjust its carburetor according to your owner’s manual. The best advice is never to adjust the chain while it’s still hot.

Similarly, pull occurs when the work is forward of the bumper spike. If you want a inch bar, don’t buy a saw that can only take up to a inch bar; get one that can take a inch or a inch bar. If you have a standard, full-sized chainsaw with a rear handle, put the toe of your right work boot in the handle and press down, stepping on the handle.

Jul 15, Messages: Do you already have an account? Next is proper clothing.

Barnacle Parp’s Chainsaw Guide : Walter Hall :

Pam marked it as to-read Jan 16, Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide: The heat of the machine and unexpected sparks from the engine or the chain can start a big fire fast and the saw can explode.

Erik rated it really liked it Apr 17, When you hear something snap and start to fall, leave your saw and retreat quickly.

But a good idea, as is a radio or phone- perhaps 2nd best to godliness.

Any prolonged session of chainsaw work increases the chance that vibration parpp noise will endanger your health. Elderberry, The Wise Elder of Plants.

If the power plant stalled, repeat the starting procedure with the choke control at half-choke. There are various anti-kickback devices available for many chainsaws. If you have a manual oiler, pump it every 10 seconds while the chain is cutting. This is heavy for a chainsaw manual, eh?


Barnacle Parp’s Chainsaw Guide : Buying, Using and Maintaining Gas and Electric Chain Saws

A warm machine — one that has been operated recently — will often start with one crank, usually with the choke open or OFFand the throttle trigger at rest undepressed. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. When the chain is at the upper third of the nose, it can’t cut efficiently and its movement forces the bar back and up, in the direction of the operator. And never operate a gasoline chainsaw in a closed area. In other words, push it in. Never operate a chainsaw when you’re fatigued — that vibration can cause your muscles to turn to jelly without warning.

Close the choke all the way. As the saw cuts down into the log, the nose of the bar will drop. And testicles do not in any way affect one’s ability to do good work with a chain saw or any other kind of tool, as we all know.

Barnacle Parp philosophy |

Tips on how to start the saw and apply it to logs. Then, if the saw does kick back, you have more strength behind it to protect you. If your saw has a trigger interlock system, you will have to use your grip to simultaneously depress both the safety catch on the top of the handle, and the trigger. You are in charge.