Fortún ibn Qasi, valí de Zaragoza. His parentage is confirmed by Al-Udri when he names his descendant “Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Musa ibn Fortun ibn Garsiya”[]. Birth of Musa I ibn Fortún, valì de Zaragoza, Arnedo. Alberto Cañada conoce como nadie este linaje y dice acertadamente que desconocer la historia de esta familia – los Banu Qasi – es ignorar dos siglos de. Discover the family tree of Lopo ibn Musa ibn Musa Banu Qasi for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

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Lubb ibn Muhammad continued his father’s siege of Zaragoza, but found himself drawn in other directions. Las infantas Blanca y Leonor de Navarra.

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No fue ni lo uno ni lo otro. Mutarrif’s fate is unknown, but byhe had been replaced by Lubb’s kinsman, Muhammad ibn Isma’il, son of Isma’il ibn Musa, who was then assassinated.

Muhammad ibn Lubb tested his power against the new emirs, and they responded by again trying to balance Banu Qasi power in the region, giving Zaragoza to the rival Tujibids, and Huesca to Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik al-Tawil wasi the Muwallad Banu Shabrit clan. La Casa de Francia y los derechos sucesorios en Navarra. Pamplona en el siglo VIII.

Musa repeatedly submitted, only to rise again. The cultural ambivalence of the Banu Qasi is also demonstrated by their mixed use of names: It is presumed that the members of the family associated with the Cordoban court and military campaigns, but no record of their presence there survives.


The Tujibids finally broke the siege of Zaragoza and captured Ejea. Los Condes de Foix reyes de Navarra. University of California Press. Likewise, the Banu Salamaremoved from power in Huesca and Barbitanya the area of Barbastro at the end of the 8th century, may have derived from Abu Salama.

Salazar y Acha, Jaime de From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Juntos asedian Tudela y consiguen apoderarse de Yusuf. Muslim Spain and Portugal: Granja, Fernando de la By using qais site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Banu Qasi – Wikipedia

Arab sources describe Abd Allah’s rear-guard action at Luesia as a victory, but if so it was only a tactical victory and he immediately retreated south. This biographical article about Al-Andalus is a stub.

In the next year,Muhammad launched a campaign against the various northern rebels. The only bright spot for the family in this period happened in the east.

The immediate response of emir Muhammad was to try to limit the expansion of the Banu Qasi by installing a vanu dynasty, the Arab Banu Tujibiin Calatayud, the one part of their father’s possessions not reclaimed.

They fell out and Ibn Qasi was assassinated in by his own men. To buy his freedom, al-Tawil ceded lands between Huesca and Monzon to Lubb, and agreed to paygold dinares for the possession of Huesca.


Historia Medieval del Reyno de Navarra

After destroying several castles, they developed cold feet and withdrew, but were caught by Sancho. Carlos III el Noble. He sent his brother Mutarrif, who bahu proclaimed their Amir.

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University of Pennsylvania Press. Sus enemigos estaban ahora en todas sus fronteras. Views Read Edit View history. The Quest for El Cid. The Umayyads of Cordova sanctioned the rule of the Banu Qasi and repeatedly granted them autonomy by appointing them as governors, only to replace them as they expressed too much independence, or launch punitive military expeditions into the region. Inhe was refortifying Monzon when qsai of Huesca tried his luck.

Musa died in of wounds received in a petty squabble with a son-in-law, [19] and the family disappeared from the political scene for a decade. Besides the Arab sources, Musa ibn Musa is mentioned in three Latin texts: Navarra en la Corte de Nerac.

In the following internecine ganu, Furtun’s four sons were killed and Isma’il ibn Musa was forced to retreat to Monzon.