Yoshimoto favors short novels that gradually reveal thin, almost translucent layers of her characters’ personalities. Her latest, following in the style of earlier. by Banana Yoshimoto Translated from Japanese by Michael Emmerich Goodbye Tsugumi, called a “witty, perceptive novel” by Elle, is an offbeat story of a. Banana Yoshimoto found fame in when her wildly successful debut novel ” Kitchen” was published. Her unique take on contemporary.

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Goodbye Tsugumi – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 20 Marchat I had translation banxna to do but abandoned that and sat myself down at the table on the terrace with my book, gazed at my beloved Pyrenees, and sipped a glass of iced water.

I especially liked how Banana uses smells and weather descriptions. Furthermore, while the narrator was easy to get to know and relate to, the other characters lacked depth and rationale to their actions a lot of the time.

Maria’s fraught relationship with her cousin Tsugumi occupies the majority of the story. Haunting and melancholy, Goodbye Tsugumi is a coming-of-age tale set against the vivid backdrop of the Japanese seaside. As Maria describes Tsugumi: It has the potential to become a raging tsuguml but it remains calm.

Goodbye Tsugumi Views All Time. It’s very evocative and slightly unusual. Yoshimoto’s novels are always charmingly packaged, and Goodbye Tsugumi is no exception. It really makes me wish for summer… I might just start planning my vacations Okinawa maybe? How she changed with love!


You spend a little while talking and everyone starts to feel this conviction, you’re all equally sure that you’re at the beginning of something good. There is no tension at all. When they choose they can be very charming, but if you get in the way or break one of their inner rules for life you deserve to die, as illustrated by the incident of the dog in the night time. She also has to confront both Tsugumi’s inner strength and the real possibility of losing her.


Maria herself learns more about life, her family, the meaning of home, who she is as a young person in the world. Goodbye Tsugumi is a gentle book. I usually like Yoshimoto Banana’s stories, but Tsugumi and Maria didn’t offer any interesting angles or stories for me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Notify me of new posts via email.

I was quite breathless when I saw what Tsugumi was capable of. E’ uno stile estremamente accattivante, con cui la Yoshimoto ammalia il lettore e lo fa cadere sotto il suo incantesimo.

Goodbye, Tsugumi by Banana Yoshimoto

It really makes me wish for sum Typical Banana Yoshimoto story… and I mean that positively ; It’s a story about a summer vacation on an island, back in the protagonist’s home town. Jun 17, shanghao rated it did not like it Shelves: But on rare occasions clarity dawns on a fortunate few or those who are sentimental enough to look back at a time which has already merged with the void leaving only a pale shadow of yoshmoto existence hovering uncertainly in its place.

This book may not be long but it contains one of the most beautiful tsuguki I have read. Bahana cannot have one without the other. This would also be a suitable book for a young adult. But then they didn’t realize the true display of true will.

She is doted on by her parents and sister, who she is constantly cruel to. View all 10 comments.

View all 12 comments. Maria tells the story, but Tsugumi is arguably the true protagonist.

Tsugumi is a frail young woman, born with many ailments and not expected to live a long or healthy life. Friends and family alike are on tiptoe around her lest they provoke a reaction, and yet in a strange way, she has a certain undeniable appeal: Eventually, Maria’s parents are united and she leaves to attend university in Tokyo, returning for a final summer during which the inn is being demolished, and this provides Yoshimoto with all the plot she needs to explore the difficult but affectionate bond between the cousins.


Maria does change in the course of the narrative, and it is her realisation about the true character of her cousin, and the value and potential tsugummi of her own life which drives the narrative forward, tsugymi it seems a little thin and even dreamy at times to sustain a whole novel.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sino a ora non avevo mai avuto bisogno di pensare a quella presenza, al rumore delle onde che ininterrottamente si infrangevano sulla riva. Tsugumi is a beautiful, frail young woman, ill since childhood, her tainted beauty a flame to the mothlike local youths. It was a rare indulgence both to the senses and bananz mind. I was ready to dispose of the book after two pages and throw it into the Saison river but no, I decided to persevere with it as I loved “Kitchen” and would you believe it but I was soon well and truly enchanted with the story.

Each one of us continues to carry the heart of each self we’ve ever been, at every stage along the way, and a chaos of everything good and rotten. The whiteness of the flowers seemed to levitate in the dark.

Jun 06, Ed Martin rated it it was ok. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Jun 15, Lynne King rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tsugumi, someone who has never been out of their town, yet has the life force of more than the entire towns people combined, dazzles her, blinds her and somehow helps her see what it was she came back for.

Her unfiltered way of living and her relentless spirit defies the pathetic circumstances she has. And if this is an attempt at foreshadowing, it really failed for me.