Royal Decree 3,/ Ministerio de Economía. Real Decreto 3,/ de 11 de noviembre por el que se crea el Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos . Decree 3,/, which regulates social welfare in Brazil, defines that the main attributions of Vocational Rehabilitation are (Brasil, BRASIL. Decreto nº. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . DECRETO DE 28 Aug Por medio del cual se modifica el Decreto de.

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In addition, some of them had space for commentary and additional observations. Part of the interviewees said their work is important to transform the work view of the insureds. Ensaio sobre as metamorfoses e a centralidade do mundo do trabalho.

By following its goals, we provided a foundation for the study of the performance and knowledge production of occupational therapy on topics related to work, workers on leaves of absence and their return to work, and the formulation of public policies regarding these issues.

Moreover, they mentioned the fact that Brazil does not have any mechanisms that promote an effective return of these people to the labor market through a combined effort of the Ministries of Social Security and Labor and Employment.

The field works as an interface between the Social Welfare system, Health, Education and policies and actions of Labor and Employment. After these answers were tabulated, we conducted in-depth interviews with six of these therapists to enhance the reflections on the themes of the questionnaire. The following topics were discussed: Other measures are required to guarantee better conditions for workers in their return to work and stay at work, not only for rehabilitated individuals, but for the entire Brazilian working class.

This article presents part of these results and discussions with the purpose of analyzing the challenges and possibilities of Vocational Rehabilitation in the INSS, focusing on the practices and concepts of occupational therapists that work in the area.

Their largest concern is not related to working, but to not finding any work. This approach was the last one, more directly related to the Workshop.

Moreover, an interview script was elaborated to provide more details on these topics 16 16 The script was constituted of the following topics: The occupational therapists knew that many events were related to the process of preparing baxar insureds to start a different work from what they were used to, and they dexreto capable of identifying most of them.

From the 37 therapists which decided to do so, 308 said decgeto did not believe in the program and 32, i. The contents that resulted from this categorization and systematization were studied and discussed using the theoretical references that guided the research, and they were also linked to the findings obtained from the application of the questionnaire. It is necessary to expand the concept of training aimed at the labor market, which should not be limited to the characteristics and abilities of the insured, although the possibilities for considering issues beyond those in the daily life of the Program are insufficient.

Vocational Rehabilitation is the field of knowledge production and development of propositions and actions linked to the processes of returning to work needed by individuals that for many reasons require interventions to restart their professional lives, whether in common work activities – for those, adaptations and adjustments may be made – or through preparation for starting a new job.

In Brazil, the vocational rehabilitation of individuals incapacitated for work was one of the main reasons for the formation of occupation therapists, together with practices at homes aimed at institutionalized people, either with mental disorders or disabled. ReadCube Visualizar o texto. Moreover, the therapists expected having more significant interventions inside the companies, which would go from increasing the analyses of work posts to bringing awareness regarding the principles, goals and actions of Vocational Rehabilitation.


We discussed themes that were categorized to analyze their practices and concepts and highlighted topics that allowed us to reflect on the limits, possibilities and challenges faced by these workers, examining the structure of the program as well. A new manual analysis of both journals baixxar that this reality remains unaltered. However, the fact that the therapists affirmed that the knowledge produced is insufficient to support their work and concepts regarding vocational rehabilitation, owing to the lack of works that link occupational therapy and the process of an individual returning to work after a leave of absence, emphasize the need for more researches such as this one.

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. The Social Security reforms, which occurred in Brazil during the s and reached the s, did not solve the main problems diagnosed by the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the Worker’s Health from The Institute is obliged to train the insureds for the labor market, and the insureds are obliged to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation.

Decreto 3048 99 PDF

We attended only the beneficiaries part of the Vocational Rehabilitation Program which were sent by the dexreto Groups of Medical Experts. The purpose was to conduct a more in-depth conversation with the therapists that had shown interest. As for the Technical Manual of Treatment in the Area of Vocational Rehabilitation, a document that guides the actions of the Programs, the interviewees refer both to the need to standardize the procedures after the decentralization of the Vocational Rehabilitation for Baixarr Managements decrfto Agencies of the Institute and to the structural inflexibility of the instrument, which limits part of the actions the therapists deem the most appropriate in certain situations.

The Brazilian inefficiency for handling work accidents and occupational diseases decrrto constantly and becomes more serious owing to the measures of the INSS aimed at restricting the duration of income support programs for disabled workers without offering them the possibility to overcome their disadvantages through vocational rehabilitation programs Takahashi; Iguti, TAKAHASHI, M.

It is necessary to reformulate the laws on Vocational Rehabilitation and the social protection of workers to go beyond ensuring a few rights which are limited to a year of job security in cases of work accidents or vocational diseases and mechanisms that compensate the insertion such as the Quota Law.

Vocational rehabilitation aspires to provide means for workers to reenter the job market, being associated with health, education, and labor and employment. In spite of the origin of occupational therapy being related to the field of Vocational Rehabilitation, there is a lack of studies that link both of them.

They are entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation 11 11 The authors chose to use the expression Vocational Rehabilitation with capital letters when referring to the field and to the Program of the INSS, using lowercase for the practice within the field.

These aspects stimulate and feed this belief, and at the same time it makes the therapists more critical of the limits inherent to the contradictions of the field, which requires them to reconstruct themselves professionally, to reinvent themselves as workers owing to a new demand and a new practice, recognizing their own identity in the process.

Data were collected through a questionnaire sent to occupational therapists, as well as through interviews with some of them.

Based on these reflections and on the work of Vocational Rehabilitation, we aimed at understanding how occupational therapy contributes to the return of individuals to work, within the Program of Vocational Rehabilitation of the INSS. The relationships that individuals create with and in their work are fundamental elements for the constitution of their character, since they enable the experience of belonging and setting long-term goals for their lives Sennett, SENNETT, R.

The proposition and creation of the Worker’s Health Reference Centers CEREST do not ensure its effectiveness and its potential for health promotion due to bureaucracy and slowness of the health sector. With their answers to the questionnaire, occupational therapists mentioned that the following aspects of the insureds compromise the process or make it harder: The health sector was then expanded to include vocational rehabilitation measures, with the purpose of developing interventions that did not consider workers as their only object and that took into account, as stated by Lacaz, LACAZ, F.


Nonetheless, we propose the challenge of defending the right to work with dignity, within the context of Vocational Rehabilitation in the INSS, in which 30488 to companies with employment relationships is the priority since it is the most effective way to exercise this right.

Automation, robotics and microelectronics were developed during a recession period and caused many workers to leave the workforce, and the proposals of more flexibility, deregulation, and privatization gained strength with the federal neoliberalism of the late s and early s Antunes, ANTUNES, R. You made an evaluation and there were some procedures to follow with the protocols to evaluate the insured, outlining the program that they would follow on the short, medium and long term and the prognosis for the process.

Vocational Rehabilitation is also a duty according to Normative Instruction 45 from308 During the interviews, work was mentioned as a central element in the chain of signified and signifiers of human making, which is in accordance with the centrality of work mentioned by Castel, CASTEL, R. The questionnaire encompassed 76 questions, and most of them were closed-ended and multiple choice, with the possibilities of choice varying between one or more alternatives.

Their will to collaborate was noticed since the first contact and confirmed with the participation of virtually all of them, which indicates their availability and the need for discussing the actions and concepts that have been built in the field of vocational rehabilitation, internally and externally to the job.

Decreto 99 PDF download

The relevance attributed cecreto the relationship created with the insureds during the entire process is observed from the initial evaluation to the moment they are disconnected from the program, which allows the therapists to take into account the issues they consider most relevant, in spite of the inflexibility of the procedures. Moreover, they should know the labor decreti so that they become more capable to meet the existing demands.

Moreover, it allowed us to observe important characteristics of the work processes in large urban centers such as the large population, partially due to the search for work and employment relationships, the considerable amount of psychosocial care eecreto for workers and the phenomena of illness and work baixa.

Obviously, the importance of the Vocational Rehabilitation program does not decrease in these circumstances, for it opens opportunities – even if in a limited way – for individuals to work in different activities, considering their needs after the transformations they went through. As such, this article discusses the possible contributions of occupational therapy, with its technical and political aspects, for dealing with the demands related to the processes of decreasing the work capacity of the subjects and actions that may lead them back to work activities.

We would like to thank the occupational therapists that made this study possible by sharing their experiences, opinions and reflections with us. We believe a combined effort is required to help workers go through a path that leads to a new professional activity, based on their vocational abilities and beliefs regarding work, considering decretto complexity inherent to the process.