Chad Kultgen’s latest novel, The Average American Marriage is the sequel to his provocative first novel, The Average American Male. That leaves us with Chad Kultgen’s newest release, The Average American Marriage. It’s the sequel to Chad’s debut in publishing; The. In Kultgen’s sequel to The Average American Male, his unnamed narrator is now unhappily married to Alyna and they have two kids, Andy and.

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Facebook, video games, parties, drugs, all the standards new and old, of ritual and instant kulygen are here. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Average American Marriage (Average American, book 2) by Chad Kultgen

It’s marriiage heavy handed satire that makes modern life less than attractive but at the same time bracing in its honesty. This book proves that not only does Kultgen bring nothing narratively other than the ability to regurgitate the time-old tale of mid-life crisis and a penchant for the pornographic; but, his entire idea of marriage is based on television and movies where this story has existed amerlcan before he put pen to page.

This is a book that I will be recommending to family and friends. Honestly, his wife was probably thinking along the same lines! This may be a tactic the author planned as the main character has grown older and has gotten married, but it also dampened the spirit of the book a bit.

Even at the most desperate moments, our narrator knows that his end is over dueeverything seems like a foregone conclusion. He gives us an honest and brutal view of what life could become if we let it. Kulrgen Kultgen is a master of here is voice and the depiction of feeling.


The children seem like cardboard cut outs, but that certainly aferage the purpose. I won this through Goodreads first reads, and I cant tell you just how grateful I was. My first Chad Kultgen. Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom did the mid-life crisis much better. This is a good ending point for the series and does give some closure to mafriage lives of the characters.

But the character development is outrageously wonderful. This was of the most funnest books I have read in a long time. Not for the squeamish! I’ve now read most of Kultgen’s fiction, and it’s mostly the dame thing overall – sex-obsessed men behaving badly. Its impossible to feel anything for them. Her body gives him kultgne skin because it is no longer the shape he married.

The Average American Marriage

I can see the humor, the honesty, and the worthiness of this author. And I could kick myself for reading the others! Chad’s next endeavor found him selling his first TV show to VH1. I have been typing in word or notepad amdrican because this had been happening but thought “oh it will be fine this time” but it WASN’T. But that doesn’t mean the women are whores and mothers and the males dashing rouges chained down by their insanity. I am genuinely surprised at the ending and the motivation behind the narrator’s kultgrn.

While I absolutely loathed the husband, his thoughts and candid pervertedness was so accurate and appalling, I felt like I could see through his soul.


A man detests his wife. But instead of withdraws from smoking rock, I’m having withdraws from laughter.

THE AVERAGE AMERICAN MARRIAGE by Chad Kultgen | Kirkus Reviews

A failure both as a novel of manners and a polemic — not sure which one the author was aiming for. Kultgen has a pretty clear message here and it is defi There was something about this book that I didn’t like quite as much as the first If you have a problem with male view of sexuality, you definitely shouldn’t read this book.

I probably need to be a man to really appreciate this. What a man goes through as he americann ruining his marriage for a quick but reinvigorating fling.

The Average American Marriage – Chad Kultgen

Lets’s laugh out loud always difficult for a book to pull offand pretend that my life never was and never will be like this one. I dont this i enjoyed a book like this since I hope they serve beer in hell. Well written crude storytelling. Revolutionary Road depicts the empty soul of American suburban marriage from both sides of the marriage.

The above quote is how I felt when I was a little more than halfway through Average American Marriage. Holly gets the job and his life gets turned upside down. It sounds like a Lifetime movie.