Austin Osman Spare (30 December – 15 May ) was an English artist and occultist . His father then surreptitiously submitted two of Spare’s drawings to the Royal Academy, one of which, a design for include Poems and Masks, A Book of Automatic Drawings, , The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare. AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE with Automatic drawings by Mr Spare from Mr Swaffer’s collection. S ome of Spare’s “automatic drawings,” done in pencil. Austin Osman Spare was a British artist whose technically proficient depictions of occult imagery were ‘AUTOMATIC DRAWING’, from a sketchbook,

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Thank you for subscribing! For these reasons, he believed in the intimate unity between humans and other species in the animal world; this was visually reflected in his art through the iconography automahic the horned humanoid figures.

The sheets of this Catalpa Press edition were beautifully produced by an art-printer in two issues: Spare, and he must not be content with producing in his majority what passed muster in his nonage. Spare used the term ” Kia “, which he pronounced keah or keerto refer to a universal mind or ultimate power, akin to the Hindu idea of Brahman or the Taoist idea of the Tao. The original work was executed by the artist in April and May of during a particularly turbulent period of his life in which he abandoned more commercial oaman styles and instead immersed himself in the creation of seve A Book of Automatic Drawing is a large, folio-sized book of sketches by the renowned English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare – Oliver rated it really liked it Nov 28, Here, he was appointed to the position of Acting Staff-Sergeant, and automwtic the task of illustrating the conflict along with other artists based in a studio at 76 Fulham Road.

Spare held his first pub show at the Temple Bar in Walworth Road in latewhich again proved successful, earning Spare guineas. Austin Osman Spare British, — Moog rated it liked it May 10, In his opinion, a magical desire cannot become truly effective until it has become an organic part of the subconscious mind.


Lists with This Book.

The Book Of Automatic Drawing

Museum Press, facsimile; numbered copies. Magic and witchcraft in Britain. While the Zos Kia Cultus has very few adherents today, it is widely considered an important influence on the rise of chaos magic.

Louis Exposition and the Paris International Exhibitionand in he won a osan medal at the National Competition of Schools of Art, where the judges, who included Walter Crane and Byam Shawpraised his “remarkable sense of colour and great vigour of conception.

Agnes School and gained employment at Sir Joseph Causton and Sons, a company that focused on the design of posters. An anonymous review of The Book of Satyrs published in Decemberwhich s;are have appeared around the time of Spare’s 23rd birthday, is by turns condescending and grudgingly respectful, “Mr.

However, Spare discontinued the magazine after the third issue, which was published in January The Sermon to the Hypocriteswhich served as a criticism of British society influenced by the ideas of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Astral rated it dgawing was amazing Apr 21, Works by Austin Osman Spare. Public awareness of Spare seems to have declined somewhat in the s before the slow but steady revival of interest in his work beginning in the mids.

Here, they became neighbours to Spare’s old friend Sylvia Autmaticwith Spare also befriending several local Jewsreading works of Jewish literature such as the Zohar and The Song of Solomon in order to impress them. Darko rated it really liked it Dec 20, Please enter a valid email address. In a new street was named after the artist near his former home in Elephant and Castle.

A superb figurative artist in the mystical tradition, Spare may be regarded as one of the last English Symbolists, following closely his great influence George Frederick Watts. Watts allegedly stated that “Young Spare has already done enough to justify his fame”, automtic Augustus John was quoted as remarking that his draughtsmanship was “unsurpassed” and John Singer Sargent apparently thought that Spare was a “genius” who was the greatest draughtsman in England.


Tomson Titus rated it really liked it Dec 18, Robed figure, a female torso and mutating forms. November 24, Auction Closed.

Austin Osman Spare () , Automatic drawing | Christie’s

November 23, Auction Closed. Spare fell in love, producing a number of portraits of Eily, before marrying her on drawinb September Typically, he was both of these – and neither. His artistic work is characterized by skilled draughtsmanship exhibiting a complete mastery of the use of the line[1], and often employs monstrous or fantastic magical and sexual imagery.

In he would write that he was fed up of exhibiting in pubs, wishing to return to selling his works from actual galleries. The book was finished off with an introduction authored by Scottish painter James Guthrie.

Austin Osman Spare | artnet

Spare subsequently submitted several drawings for publication in Crowley’s Thelemite journal, The Equinoxreceiving payment in the form of an expensive ritual robe.

Two robed figures, a satyric figure and a tree Spare “elaborated his sigils by condensing letters of the alphabet into diagrammatic glyphs of desire, which were to be integrated into postural yogalike practices—monograms of thought, for the government of energy.

Patterson claimed to be a descended from a line of Salem witches that Cotton Mather had failed to extirpate. After publishing two short-lived art magazines, Form and The Golden Hindduring the First World War he was conscripted into the armed forces and worked as an official war artist.

Archived copy as title link.

Austin Osman Spare

His arms were also injured in the blast. Mary’s Church in Ilford.

Christopher Leinhart rated it liked it Apr 26,