Jan 5, Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Trio-Set Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 60 von ) (Deutsch. Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, DECT BASE STATION. On this page you find the Audioline DECT B manual. Please If you have any questions about your Dect / voip phone that are not Bedienungsanleitung.

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NOTE Caller display is an optional service from your telephone provider. While you are listening to your greeting, press the button and then enter the three-digit PIN code. Sind keine neuen Nachrichten vorhanden, werden alle vorhanden Nachrichten abgespielt.

An automatic dialling pause of ca. 4800 any claims under the warranty, please refer to your dealer. If you want to call back a number on the caller list directly, simply press the call button 5. Press the button to exit the current menu level and to move one step deft. Verwenden Sie nur das neue beiliegende Telefonkabel. By means of the remote access facility, you have the option of switching on the answering machine from another telephone.

Phone numbers that are already stored in the normal phone book cannot be entered again into the special phone book. Holding Conference Calls The corresponding phone number will be displayed again. Bedienschritt und Kapitel 5. For safety reasons, use only the plug-in mains power supply provided. Switching off the display lighting has a positive effect on the standby time and the maximum talk time.

Das Steckernetzteil der Basisstation muss immer angeschlossen sein.


Audioline DECT B manual

The caller will either hear the greeting and then, after this, be able to leave a message factory setting or an informative text only will be played and the caller will be unable to leave a message.

Es wird der erste Telefonbucheintrag angezeigt. The telephone will only ring for calls with this telephone number. The manufacturer can therefore not accept any liability for possible damage to furniture or the like.

Audioline DECT4801

The symbol in the Range information The range of the handset is ca. Weitere Hinweise zur Namenseingabe finden Sie unter Kapitel 5.

Deleting All Lists Wenn Sie nun von unterwegs Ihren Anrufbeantworter anrufen, meldet sich der Anrufbeantworter wie folgt: Ist diese Rufnummer bereits im Telefonbuch gespeichert, wird direkt der Name des Anrufers angezeigt.

SOS Code Button click on Automatic call accept on Call duration on Charging monitor on Monitor off Dialling blocks off Listen-in on Exception numbers off Blocks off PIN remote access 95 – The answering machine – 9 The answering machine The integral answering machine can digitally store up to 25 incoming messages with a total length of up to 9 minutes.

Page 79 – Assigning special ring tones to phone bo Press the appropriate letter to directly choose an entry from the phone book alphabetically.

Power failure – If the power should fail, it will not be possible to make calls using the telephone. The numbers pressed are shown in the display. The Answering Machine If you want to delete further phone numbers from the caller list, repeat points 2 and 3. The call will be automatically accepted after 10 rings even if the answering machine is switched off and you will hear your greeting message 2.

Die entsprechende Rufnummer wird im Display angezeigt und die Verbindung wird hergestellt. Press the in the display.


Switching off the microphone Press the button. Makeln, Anklopfen, Dreierkonferenz, u. Wird eine bereits gespeicherte Rufnummer noch einmal eingegeben, erklingt ein langer Signalton und es erfolgt keine Speicherung.

Bedienungsanleitung Audioline DECT (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, Englisch)

Der Anrufbeantworter ist eingeschaltet. Stromausfall – Bei einem eventuellen Stromausfall kann mit dem Telefon nicht telefoniert werden. You are making an internal call. Switching Off The Ring Bedienunbsanleitung These could possibly cause a short circuit.

The warranty period is 24 months calculated from the day of purchase All defects, which are the result of material or manufacturing faults, will be rectified free of charge within the warranty period.

The internal number of the new handset will appear in the display. Bedienungsanleitugn exchanges – The telephone can also be connected to a private exchange. Avoid proximity to sources of heat such as radiators and do not expose the unit to direct sunlight. If you want to change or delete an entry in the special phone book, select the entry and then follow the instructions in Chapter 5.

Do not set up the base station in the immediate vicinity of other electrical equipment such as bedienungsanleitunt or hi-fi systems, as this may result in mutual interference.

The call duration will still be retained in the display for a few seconds after the call has been ended. Cordless digital dect telephone with answering machine pages.