SPACE AGE FOREVER SL 01 alien grey abduction MIB interview bizarre Glutamine dosco voador Brasil ET extraterrestre sinistro history. In the tradition of William Bramley, Laurence Gardener and Erich von Daniken, Michael Tsarion considers the consequences to civilization of extraterrestrial. Results 1 – 24 of 24 Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Shane T Keller rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Such as the ancient gods that came to earth and created humans.

To want harmony with nature and to realize the madness we live in now that is so very artificial. Traag rated it it was amazing Dec 20, He also concentrates on the orchestrated geneticc of modern times and reveals how the political and military machinations of the present have their roots in the ancient past. Whether it’s theories are completely true or not, it got me thinking about many things and it gave me a variety of subjects to further research.

View all 8 comments. I really don’t know how to describe this book, or the visitqtion.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion

When I have to go through 10 pages of passages from other authors before reading anything from Tsarion, it really confuses the perspective of the book. The author also provides numerous sources for further reading. Awesome work – very intelligent and talented.


Dec 21, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. Michael Tsarion’s work is barnone. Michael Tsarion was born in Northern Ireland and is a researcher of the occult.

Who really governs from behind the thrones of government and religion? Books by Michael Tsarion. Even if one does not agree or visitatino with some or all of the aloen of this research work and opinions, it is alirn an extraordinary opportunity to expand your view of the world we live in and the hidden nuances of man’s history on this planet.

Mar 10, David rated it it was amazing. Good Interesting very good book will read more of Michael tsarion I would recommend this book to everyone loved this book. Central to this is the question of evil.

The Destruction of Tiamat and first deluge Genetic Alteration The War of the Gods The Pole Shift second deluge and subsequent global carnage and fallout Once we accept that colossal violent upheavals took place, we cannot avoid contemplating their effect on consciousness.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation

Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation. If Eve did not precipitate the Fall, who did? Je recente bestellingen traceren. Pagina 1 van 1 Opnieuw beginnen Pagina 1 van 1.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation, by Michael Tsarion

Who are the Fallen Angels? Also, quotes get re-used to where one starts experiencing deja-vu. An expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America, has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own country’s ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition.


Alan Willis rated it really liked it Dec 03, Deel je gedachten met andere klanten. Human consciousness was as shattered as the world, and the consequences of ruined minds is seen all around us.

Some of his depth grabs you by the collar and slaps you across the face very hard. I highly recommend absorbing this material and others that carry this message. Nicely written and with many quotations from other authors that make great Study Sources for future readings.

Productbeschrijving Productbeschrijving In the tradition of William Bramley, Laurence Gardener and Erich von Daniken, Michael Tsarion considers the consequences to civilization of extraterrestrial involvement and seeks to clarify many of the quandaries that other “visitation” experts have overlooked. This review fenetic been hidden because it contains spoilers. Why are there images of helicopters, planes and submarines on the walls of prehistoric temples?

How did this phenomenon come into being? Our ways of doing things are so ass-backwards, but on we go in the name of “progress” and civilization.