AR 2166-8 PDF

A DA Form is a United States Army form required for an NCO evaluation report. An NCO evaluation report is used for a yearly evaluation of a. DA FORM 8 FILLABLE PDF PDF If you want to have a destination search and find the appropriate manuals for your products, you can visit this website. Form DA Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank. AR ; the proponent agency is; da form 8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY .

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Upon completion, the evaluation is ready for submission 21666-8 the appropriate use through the chain of command. SGT Join to see. This may take a second or two. Posted on Jun 23, Because the regulation and pamphlet cover the officer and NCO rating systems, some of the changes included in the revised documents deal with officer reports.

Form DA NCO Evaluation Report – Military Forms – |

The paper 21666-8 created used to be enough to put a guy through an article 15 if he was a shitbird, or get a guy to his E5 board if he was a superstar. The supporting regulation and pamphlet for the current officer and NCO systems were last updated in March This may be the single most effective step you can take and 216-8 be over-emphasized. What are your pet peeves regarding DA Form and counseling forms and sessions? The five areas are competence, physical fitness, leadership, training, and responsibility and accountability.


The form is to be filled out by supervising officers. No matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in, all your work will be for nothing if your achievements aren’t recorded in your annual evaluation.

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Your actions and the information you provide with make your supervisors job easier and your report the best it can be. It’s finished after all taskings are completed for the 216-8. I always gave an initial counseling. Officially those documents are: Write down your accomplishments as they occur so that you can remember them when it comes time to provide material for your NCOER.

Contributions can be shared using the form below. All senior raters must also give an overall performance evaluation.

New NCOER forms, guidelines to be posted Tuesday

The rare good job counseling is something I also wrote up with no input from the soldier, but that is really just me saying good work and if you keep it up I’ll recommend you for a waiver to the PSG and PL. 21668 for counseling support forms, sadly never saw a single one.

Here is the link: Listen carefully to what he or she says. Do this as soon as possible because it takes time to change behavior and even longer for others to become aware of it. Sign Up with Google.


What are your pet peeves regarding DA Form 4856 and 2166-8-1 counseling forms and sessions?

Silver Star upgraded Jan. I don’t know if I’m taking this in the right direction, but I’m a firm believer in counseling Soldiers starting from scratch. Follow up periodically and don’t hesitate to ask for further advice. After completion of the basic af, you must fill out Part II.

This will pay big dividends when it’s time to provide material for your NCOER or even a quarterly award.

(NCOERS) DA Form 2166-8-1

The initial counseling is critical. The evaluating officer must check whether the NCO has met each of the 7 core values and can provide any comments about this evaluation. Lastly, I give qr new soldier my expectations of him. Part I requires the basic information about the NCO that is to be evaluated.

To prepare for the transition, the new support 22166-8 DA Form is authorized for counseling in advance of Jan. It’s as if your supervisor gave you a blank check and said, fill it in with whatever amount you want.